++Marcher Groups++

After the announcement we made last week, about the changes to the “prominent households” page, we received some feedback and took another look at the approach we were taking. We’ve decided to go a slightly different way, which we’ve talked about a bit on the main page.

The gist is that any Marcher group is welcome to contribute a group write-up that will be included on the new “Marches groups” page that you can find the bare bones of here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/…/The_Marches_groups

Once we’re happy that everyone has had a chance to review anything they might have sent us earlier for the prominent households page, we’ll delete that page.

Anyone who has already sent us a household write-up following the first message won’t need to send us another one - the kind of information we asked for hasn’t changed - but now the monasteries, landskeeper circles, and market towns are also going to be included on the new page.