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Hi all,

Last event I met an amazing singer in the Applewood Arms who had written a song about the Tireless Hammer but forgot to take any contact details and would certainly be interested in doing some collaboration work if she’s on the forum at all.


Hi, was it “The Relentless Rhythm of the Hammer”? Did the singer have massive horns? If so, it’s probably Kath you’re after and unfortunately she’s not coming to Empire this year. However come find either me or Jude (ask for the other Marcher bards) and we’ll sing it for you/sell you a songbook with it in…


Yes, yes it was. That’s ace thanks, I’ll try to make the Applewood an earlier in the day bar visit (it helps with memory). That is if I’m not busy staffing my own.

On average, how many bars are there during an event?

There’s the main tavern and at least 4 others that I know about (one each in the Marches, Highguard, Brass Coast and Dawn) but there’s probably some more out there. Definately worth closer investigation at the event I’d say :slight_smile:.

Two in the marches, one in Highguard, Brass coast, Urizen, Dawn, Wintermark, League and Possibly one in Varushka with one I believe being set up in Navarr.

Hi Viny,

Yes, I remember you well.

Tis me, Kit of the Ramsbrucks, Marcher cambion musician

I will be attending the September event - sorry I haven’t been around earlier. Real-life music gigs got in the way (weddings do have this habit of booking a long long time in advance!) but I have blocked out the events for next year already so they wont!

Yes, it was indeed “Relentless Rhythm of the Hammer”, the song based on the autumn ritual of Timeless Hammer Rhythm. … Hammer.mp3 … Hammer.pdf

Look forward to meeting you again!

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I’ll be often in the Merricks’ community hall tent or Applewood or just around in the Marches of an evening (and generally around the nation camp in the day) from Sept on - I think I’m pretty distinctive, so do ask around :slight_smile:

There’s another one about The Blade Bites Back ritual (recharging the Biting Blade) - … Bites_Back (I have used some of the excellent write up in this ritual description in the actual lyrics).

This was based on the autumn mode … he_spheres so has ended up VERY Brass Coast - oh well!

Here is a rough recording: … esdeep.mp3

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Lovely voice @Fiddle-faddle I don’t suppose you would consider sharing the notation and lyrics for

would you? I’m rather fond of it.

Hello Crow!

I’m glad you like it. The sheet music for this song is on the Marcher music website that I’ve put together (you can browse it here: This song is in the “other songs” section of the website but a direct link to the song music is here:

(This song is of course not specific to the Marches at all, as its about a ritual that anyone can cast)

It was written using a four string instrument tuned DGAD (so like the top four strings of a guitar with DAGDAD) and so that’s what the accompaniment refers to! However if you want “proper chord symbols” as some do, I can add those, if its helpful.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Whilst we are on the subject of songs inspired by rituals

This one was written for the Night Ritual “Dripping Echoes of the Fen” - yes, it was written for casting these powerful fortresses of shadows in the marshes of Bregasland but frankly is not massively Marcher-specific and apart from the reference to a friar, that could easily be changed to be appropriate to any nation (with land that is marshy). The idea is to use this ritual to trap the enemy. The song describes the sticky end and sheer panic they shall suffer!

This also was performed in the same ritual sometimes (occasionally we made it a big show and once involved some friendly Wintermark folk and asked them to sing a song about mud too! They obliged!) A very contrasting style eh!

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And this for the Autumn ritual “Ties that Bind”

A very light hearted song that shows how everyone is connected :slight_smile:

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Thanks bunches, certainly a variation there, talented miss!

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