Marcher merchant town / household

Alright so me and a few friends are looking into getting stuck in with Empire and we are planning on being marches(ers?). My question is- when establishing a new household and picking a region such as for example Ashbrook, can we also “claim” or occupy a merchant town (in this case Sweetroot)?

You can’t ‘claim’ any of the places in the wiki; everyone has an equal right to them. However you can say you’re from there.

AFAIK you can make up a small settlement of your own if you really want to, but if it’s not in the wiki it’ll be assumed it’s small and relatively unimportant.

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Alright so we could for example say that we’re from the town but as far as establishing a household goes it wouldn’t make a difference?

You can say you’re from Sweetroot, but you can’t stop other people also saying they’re from there (that’s what I assumed you meant by ‘claim or occupy’ it). You should also be careful of making statements such as “We’re the only household in Sweetroot” or “We’re the most important household in Sweetroot” as the town is open for any group to use.

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It may make a difference in future if your group’s home town is mentioned in one of the Winds of War or winds of Fortune, but you are still usually able to decide how that affects you in play.

If you would like to be included in any of this make sure the town name is given in your group background during creation (or updated afterwards by email), as the plot writers do keyword searches for characters who would be affected.

We’ve had groups who had their chosen home base over run turn up as refugees i.e.with very little stuff, or horrible injuries etc.

It may also mean that you feel your character would then spend the whole event advocating anyone who would listen that something should be done, whether that is synod, senate or another group and exactly what is usually up to your character, although the civil service may have given you options…


Thanks for the help. I was mainly just seeing if there were conflicts with originating from a merchant town and establishing our own household. The wiki page for merchant towns in the Marches gives the impression that they don’t really fit with households and I thought I’d check if coming from that region would be problematic.

Na, there wont be an issue, Conflict is a good thing. IC it keeps things moving and stops the game from being static.

Worth checking with current Marchers to see if anyone else has the same place in their backstory, and then you can decide whether you were horrible rivals, offshoots from the same family but you don’t talk to each other since ‘the incident’, or just nodding acquaintances. Most of the towns are fairly small, and your characters are part of the most influential people in the nation so you would probably know others of the same social class in the local area.

Local contacts can make excellent minor plot, and makes the characters seem more real.

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I think it’s a great idea as I understand that there aren’t many folk from Merchant Towns in the Marches at the moment so you’d be portraying part of the brief that isn’t in play as much as it could be. You’d also be part of the Market Town vs households tension, which gives you some hooks to play with when you start.

You might want to look at being differently set up to households, perhaps being some prominent citizens in Sweetroot with one of you being Mayor? It’s got zero mechanical effect or power as farms are the most important thing in the Marches, but it does give you a different flavour.

One page to look at is this collection of active player character groups - which will tell you some of the groups active in Upwold.

If you ask on the Marcher FB group you should find out if there any groups there who aren’t on that list. Also if anyone is from a Market Town at the moment who can tell you how they’ve done it.