Marcher summer faire!

Crossposted from facebook.

Summer in Anvil: the sun is shining, the sky is blue!

What else is there to do save throw a big Marcher fair and invite everyone along!

  • THRILL to the games and sports!
  • HURL wet sponges at Marcher Jack!
  • COMPLAIN to the Bailiff of the Grand Market if anything goes wrong!

Fun for the whole family, vale, coven, spire, household … you get the idea.

On a more serious note, John of Meade (our Esteemed Speaker of the Senate) wishes to take this opportunity to draw the attention of the Empire to the chutney competition and remind competitors that all submissions should be dropped at the Hub by the deadling of two-o-clock on Saturday.

The prize will, as usual, consist of a parcel of valuable herbs - and the equally valuable endorsement of the epicurean John of Meade.

Who needs all these headaches with wars and diplomats and barbarians? Not when there’s fruit bobbing, pig pulling and race sacking!

With thanks to Lauren Owen whose patience while making tiny adjustments to the flier without killing hardly anyone was quite a thing to observe