Marshaling fields

With reference to the announcement.

Given that you don’t want to impose legal discipline on the heroes in the field, is the criminal offence Dereliction of duty being changed ?

[quote]Dereliction of Duty: Volunteering for an imperial duty and then failing to carry it out through neglect or cowardice. Members of the Militia are expected to act in accordance with their duties when they observe a crime in progress or about to occur.*** Citizens who take the battlefield and then show conspicuous cowardice in the face of the enemy may also be tried for this offence***. This offence does not relate to the abuse of an imperial position, which is within the remit of the Synod.

No. The legal offense still applies for sufficiently flagrant acts by heroes on the field. It does not, however, apply to any case of refusing to follow orders.

(I am not a Magistrate)