Masks for winter

I’ve heard that it’s a good idea to wear or at least carry a mask while the winter solstice is happening, I was wondering if anyone could shed a bit more light on this?

The Leaguish Festival: The Masquerade of the Reaper

Powerful hearth magic is associated with this festival. It is considered the worst possible luck to let the Reaper see your own face, as then they will know what to look for during the year to come. Any Leaguer thus knows the importance of wearing a mask for protection, while many have tales of someone who flaunted this tradition and came to an unfortunate end soon after

Non League citizens probably won’t care… I mean it’s just those city folk and their weird traditions… right?


Awesome thank you, I was just wondering if it would be possible to play a character who was travelled all the nations and follows the superstitions/ being respectful to other nations traditions?

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My character joined in warding is the camp in Varushka last event. Mostly people are happy for you to join in as long as you are respectful. :slight_smile:

She would also put on a mask for the Reaper when in the League camp, and deliberately not interfere with the Highguard procession of the dead, for example.

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The Highborn just put up their cowls or veils to avoid the Reaper, so a deep hood is sufficient if that helps.

Keep in mind that it’s E1 that’s winter, the next event is Autumn.


You can certainly know other nations peccadillos and hearth Magics and be respectful of them on a conscious level but the Egregore bond is such that you won’t benefit from performing them in the same way and will likely have doubts and sideways glances. For an example, My Urizeni Understands the importance of the great dance to the Navarr but mostly interprets it as a reflection of the net of the heavens, likewise he understands the importance the Winterfolk put on a person’s story but can’t understand why they won’t write them down.