Masks suitable for Guisers

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for masks for Guisers?

The wiki says this:

When masks are used they are often understated, practical and minimalist, allowing the ritualist to express their character’s inner conflicts through facial expressions.

I would guess from this that you would go for something simple in design with only a few colours, either face like or maybe more featureless. You can easily go down to a shop that sells party stuff or modelling stuff and find masks. If they aren’t the right shape you can use scissors or papier mâché to change it.

I would recommend having something that is easy to see through and that doesn’t cover your mouth. It is a nightmare, trying to pick your way through the guy ropes at night, if you can barely see already. You also want you mouth out so you can talk, breath and express yourself more easily.

If modifying the mask makes it uncomfortable against your face then you can always you can always cut up a bit of sponge and stick it inside the mask to cushion it.

What I think you need to consider is what kind of effect do you want from it? A more featureless mask can be a little bit more intimidating as it seems unnatural. A mask that is a bit more elegant can give your costume a little je ne sais quoi. You could add a slight suggestion of heraldry, maybe the outline of part of your houses crest.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for your help! You offer some really good advice and I think it’s helped me choose which style to go for. :slight_smile:

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No problem, I’m glad you found it helpful. I’ve worn a few masks and made a few mistakes with them so I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience so you didn’t have to go through the same thing.

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I suspect that the issue is going to be making a Dawnish mask that doesn’t look too Leagueish…

Maybe avoid the classic Domino mask, or anything too ornamented?

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So some thoughts, it’s my personal take but I have been playing in the Dawnish magic game for a while

Why might a Guiser wear masks?
So masks are less important to Dawnish Dramaturgy, partially because Leaguish disguise is masks and Dawnish tends to be girding. I’d expect the Persona in Dawn to be defined more by props and outfits than by masks. Fortunately Dawn is a little more High Fantasy in themes than the League is.
Having a mask for something less human, a heraldic beast or an eternal, (of the masks I’ve seen in Dawn most are for Eternals.) Taking the ‘inner conflict’ idea the more covering the mask is the more inhuman I’d expect the character being portrayed is. (So a complete face mask is more likely for the Eternals like Wendigo or Siaka, or beasts like Dragons and Manticores, while I’d expect more partial for Summer Eternals or beasts like the Phoenix where they might be more of a character and less of a villain.)

On style I’d try to avoid anything overtly Venetian as that will probably scream League, I have some worries about how Dawnish understated, practical and minimalist would actually look. It’s not really a phrase that appears anywhere else in the Dawnish costume brief. I’d probably go bold and as simple as possible to create the effect.
In terms of form, a half mask feel like a good starting point, not quite a domino mask but leaves the lower face uncovered for expressing emotions. You could also potentially extend upwards, there is a mask of Cathan Canae on the field which incorporates a crown, and comes across as really Dawnish.