Masquerade of the Reaper

I know Rick has spoken to many of you IC and OOC regarding next events masquerade. Some of your plans may be secret/surprise based but for everything else lets get some OOC planning going. Idea’s and suggestions are cool, offers of help and promises to organise certain aspects are even better. So what are you planning?

Forget you ever saw this message. I must have been mad.

I have one thought for the Masquerade I would love to see people bring a lit table out into the main square for it, could have a display papers info or anything on it as long as its lit and looks cool ic :slight_smile: will have a think on it but dragging the masquerade out to a well lit main square would be awesome. (weather permitting.)

If anything is needed in terms of IC printing (flyers/handbills/posters, whatever) I’m happy to take plain text and turn it into documents which can be printed/print some and bring along if folks so wish. It doesn’t take long and I’ve got all the fonts/software needed - with warning enough I can even do some faux-woodcut images if wanted!

I’m posting here in case anybody has not seen the details put up on the League facebook group for the planed League festival next event, I’ve also emailed each group. Anyone not been able to see a copy of the first draft of the plans, feel free to email me at


plays the League Egregore, his Grace the Duke of Joy and Sorrow

The Four Rivers Theatre is planning on performing at least one play (time and venue unknown as yet).

Are there any other theatrical goings-on planned?

Will there be a “House of Joy and Sorrow” or similar for performances?

If you have a look at this thread in the Highguard forum - highguard/highguard-camp-layout-easter-winter-t470.html

The national theatre tent is Z1, the large white block on the south side of Doidge Plaza.

Thank you. I wouldn’t have thought to look there.

Meanwhile re-reading our egregore’s email from a few weeks ago I see he mentioned a national theatre tent there too… and a “National Performance of Troupes” with two Daves organising it.