Medical question from a noob

Hi Guys,

I’ve never been to any kind of larp event before but I am very keen to join one, hopefully in the summer. I have a question regarding a medical condition I have, type 1 diabetes. I am unsure if anybody else who does larp has this condition. But I have a few questions regarding it.

  1. Can I go to larp having Type 1 diabetes?
  2. Who do I need to inform if I can go?
  3. Is it okay for me to carry my medical supplies with me when IC?

Sorry if this type of question has been answered before, but I can’t find anything in the forum. It would be great to get some advice on this, thanks very much.


1.) Really that’s a question only you can answer. Are you well enough to camp for a weekend in British weather. Additional questions like are you well enough to run around and be hit with lumps of plastic will then determine if you feel like you’re able to be combat capable but there is plenty of fun to be had even if you’re non-com.

2.) I think PD ask for information on disabilities/ health Issues when you sign up. It’s probably worth informing your group members or other people you trust oc who you’ll be around IC so if something happens they can inform First Aid what has happened and what you suffer from.

3.) No one should really object to you having what you need medically with you, Depending on size (if its say a shoulder bag) you might want to dress it IC but that’s not necessary. A small case in the bottom of an IC bag is not going to attract attention. I’d be wary taking it on to the battlefield but thats from a ‘might fall on it and break it’ worry than anything else. If you feel you might need it on the battlefield you might try talking to the ref about them holding it for you but I’m a lot more vague here and this might be something to check before hand.


Thanks for your advice, I am well enough to do everything on my own. The only issue I have is that I am going on my own and I don’t expect the whole world to be educated on my condition. So if there is any problems, people may mistake it for something else, I do wear medical id and I assume that would be allowed IC as long as it’s hidden.

Wear it as you normally would, no ones going to be too worried if its medically needed and in an emergency you want to be sure First Aid find it.

Go to the New Player talk and talk to your Egregore, let them know what the situation is. They’re not always going to be around but they’re there to help and they might be able to make more specific suggestions.

What nation are you intending to be?/ what parts of the game are you going to be looking at getting involved in?

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Do you have a medical bracelet? If you are going solo it could help clear up any ambiguity. If you need to bring insulin and take shots there is a professional first aid tent near god that could give you a place to administer in peace, in a clean area. May be best talking to PD if you need to keep it chilled.
Dont worry about rushing to make IC bags for it. I would just wrap the bag in hessian and leave it at that. If its a case then just leave it at the bottom of your bag. no one will bat an eyelid and alot of people carry first aid kits as a course.

I believe that most of not all refs are first aid trained and there is a first aid tent staffed by professionals at all times so I wouldn’t worry about going low/ high.
Tell your camp mates and Egregore.
Don’t worry about medical bracelets etc. being ‘on show’ I think people would rather see it and know what to do if anything happens than not. if you are concerned about breaking immersion then it is currently a trend for having small wooden tablets pyro graphed with the necessary details.

most of all have fun and look after yourself. :slight_smile:


I brought my partner who has Type 1 along to Empire once and he didn’t really have issues managing it. As said there are OC first aid tent to inject in peace, and let the game team know when you sign up and maybe email the admin team in advance. I would only warn to make sure you bring food, as queues to the catering places can be quite long, especially at breakfast time. If you plan your meals in advance, you’ll probably be fine.

As with any outdoor camping event, just make sure you stay hydrated, and plan for any activity you do like skirmishes or battles to avoid being caught out. Big battles start at 11 on Saturday or Sunday and last about 2 hours. Smaller quests and skirmished are throughout the event and last an hour or so? It can depend. Both battles and quests/skirmishes will involve running around so account for that like you would any other exercise.

If you are coming with friends, or make some while you were here, I would make sure you let them know about your condition and what to do if your blood sugar starts getting low, or what an actual emergency is like. This is so 1. they know how to react when there is an emergency and don’t just assume you are tired or drunk, 2. don’t fly into a panic because your blood sugar has dipped a little and you just need some emergency jelly babies (or whatever your choice of hypo-food is).

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Thanks everybody for the advice, it’s much appreciated. I was looking at joining Wintermark. I was going to decide how to utilise my skill points when I was there as i wanted to make a choice I wouldn’t regret. I’ll be sure to tell anybody I need to about my situation, and hopefully receive some advice from my egregore. The only real worries I had were since I’m going solo there may be confusion for if I was drunk and my blood sugar was just low. But thank you to everybody for clearing it up. Again it’s much appreciated.

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I suspect that this falls under the same category as good walking boots and glasses; it’s more important that everyone is safe and having fun than being 100% period-perfect.


Hey - also diabetic with insulin. I have a pouch to contain my test kit and make sure all my friends know. I also carry some dextrose tablets with me on the field and watch to make sure I eat at the right times. My insulin is kept in a cool bag with freezer blocks and does fine over the weekend.

While I don’t have a medical ID bracelet, I do keep my wallet with me with the “I am Diabetic card” and made sure PD are aware on my character info page.

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Thanks for the advice, I think I’ll have to copy that idea with the insulin. Keeping stuff in a pouch when I’m IC shouldn’t be too difficult either. How have you found larp and being diabetic?

Bring soap! There is always running water on the field, usually even hot running water, and while soap is provided it occasionally runs out. The field’s dusty enough that your hands will get dirty enough to mess with finger prick tests quite quickly.

I will poke my former group member who is type 1 diabetic to see if he has any more useful tips to add, but that was the thing I remember him mentioning a lot. (former in that he is now playing a different character, not having quit Empire in horror :wink: )


tbh totally fine… I tent share in case of emergencies, and as long as you pace yourself, test regularly and don’t miss meals (that last one is easy hence discreet timepiece or ic watch from the shops) its all good.


The other one is that if you feel unwell, never be afraid to interrupt the current IC conversation with “OC I’m a diabetic and feeling unwell, can someone help me.”
I have never been in a situation at a PD game where a speech on those lines hasn’t resulted in the affected person being helped to somewhere comfortable and helped by another player if possible, and a message run to first aid if not.



I’m a type I diabetic who has been asked to answer this by one of the members (not an Empire player but an experienced LRPer).

  1. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot do any LRP as a type I Diabetic. Provided you are well controlled and can cope with adjusting your own insulin to match changes in activity you should be fine. I’ve been LRPing since I was nineteen (which was mumble mumble years ago) and while there have been issues (some hypos, my insulin being in an IC bag that was stolen IC) I would not say there have been any serious issues.

  2. Everyone, Make sure as many people as you can know because they can help make sure you are looked after. Specifically, the organisers of events should know and I know that Empire have a part in their forms to indicate if you have any medical issues. This gets passed onto first aiders and can help if you are found in a hypo state. Sabrina Withers of FiftyEleven has actually specifically made medic alert cards that look IC (they are made of wood) which you might want to consider having with you.

  3. As mentioned above, I once had medication in my IC bag that was stolen IC. It was something quickly resolved however and worth bearing in mind that Empire has a policy for IC theft that will see you reunited with the medication quickly enough (they have to replace any IC items they steal with their own phys reps and PD will return the ones that belong to you). So yes it is totally fine to have OC medication on the field. I’d make sure you have back up supplies (leave spares in your tent, for example) in case of breakages or loss. I’d obviously avoid taking any with you on quests or battles for obvious reasons (you don’t want to risk breakages) but you can generally have it in an IC bag or pocket when wandering around the site. I’ve even done injections sat IC at Odyssey - discretely but still in plain sight - and people will happily realise you are doing it OC and ignore you.

My one caveat to the above is if you have an insulin pump (which I know are becoming more common) I’d think twice about combat because of the risk of being hit where it is attached. But from what you say above, it does not seem as if you are one of them.


Asked a friend for what he’d advise; the following is what he sent back.

  1. You can absoutely LARP with Type 1. I’ve been doing it for years. It takes a little planning, but what doesn’t?
  2. You don’t have to inform anyone, but it would be sensible to put it in the medical needs bit of your PD account when you book - that way First Aid can look you up if something goes wrong and know what your needs are.
  3. It is necessary for your safety that you carry your supplies with you IC. I repeat: do NOT leave your supplies in a tent while you go and play. The game is very engaging and busy and it is very difficult to predict when you will find time for a meal, so you need to be carrying your preferred emergency snacks with you (I always have a couple of Snickers bars in the bottom of my med pouch, because the nuts make me feel less ravenous and I don’t go overboard with other food waiting for the sugar to kick in). I’m not saying hypos are inevitable, I usually manage to avoid them, but I’ve been drawn into things and had to delay meals a lot, so having the backup with me is vital. And that’s also why you must carry your insulin: so when you get a chance for a meal you can take it, without having to go back to your tent first. Or if someone offers you food IC, you have the full range of choices, not always having to refuse because of blood sugar.
    I have not had anyone make a fuss over me injecting. People will see that you are doing something that is OOC medically necessary, and politely not mention it. Anyone who does hassle you about it is being a dick, but again: it has not happened to me in the last four years of Empire.

I would recommend getting an IC pouch or bag, using it just for your meds and snacks, and carrying it with you always. The IC pouch is so it doesn’t stand out and the carrying is necessary for your safety and enjoyment.

(I have a Darkblade A5 pouch I use OOC as well. It’s the right length for a pen and the right width for my meter and it goes on a belt and nobody sees anything out of the ordinary except in the two minutes I’m using the contents.)

(Just to clarify, I’ll add that ‘Darkblade’ here refers to a leatherwork trader who’s usually at Empire events - you can see the sort of belt-pouch my friend’s referring to here.)

I hope to see you in a field!


I’m blown away by your response, this has cleared up so much for me, thank you so much for all this information. It really has helped and now I feel comfortable getting every thing in need ready for the summer event. I will follow each piece of advice. Thank you again to everybody that has responded to this thread. I didn’t expect this much, I’m very pleased. :grin::grin::grin:


I have also heard of people marking up IC pouches with medic alert symbols for just in case. I’m not sure if it would be something that would be appropriate for you, but it is a thing that has been done.

Hope to see you on a field!

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Hi Morgan I am a type 2 diabetic, I also have friends who are type one diabetics. Some inject, some have the little box that keeps pushing in the insulin.

Short answer: YES!!! don’t let it stop you, we have people with all types of medical conditions in the game. If you have a medical bracelet or could have something to identify this on you around a pouch or somewhere in case you need medical assistance. Their are professional first aiders who attend the event and quite a few people including refs and other players who are first aid trained and people do care and will help.
I think its on your PD form on the join up. Otherwise just ensure your group and friends know and also please be responsible. if you feel anything coming on even in the battle or anywhere let someone know and just move away, it wont affect your character and we want to protect you so you can have a good time.
I would put it in an ic looking pouch but make people aware if they come to search you it is out of character stuff and needs to be left alone. If you also put some snacks in there it can help. If you let friends also know where that kit is for an emergency. But trust me it can be handy.

WELCOME TO EMPIRE!!! Have fun ad always enjoy yourself. If you ever feel like you want to come see us in the woods with navarr we always love to make friends. HAVE FUN

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this should most defiantly not stop you from larp’ing and having a damn good time, in fact you could even write into your character back ground, saying some thing like some one in your blood line 6 generations ago was cursed by Wendigo and your great great great grandmother found using a special potion created from heath magic once a day keeps the curse at bay.