Mend spell is it worth it?

Are weapons being shattered common? was wondering if its worth it to get the mend spell?

There’s two ways for something to get shattered: a heroic call from something, or a spell.

Neither of these tend to be common on the quests or the battlefield, but they aren’t unknown…

(ironically, I suspect there’re a good few more SHATTERs thrown out in duels, tournements, and football games on the Anvil field, with people showing off spare hero points of mana).

The other method of mending is Artisans Oil, an item made up in multiples and used by any Artisan. But they can only use it if they have some on them. Your spell list doesn’t get left behind :slight_smile:

If you have the Mend spell, you may use it once or twice a year… probably not for yourself but for someone else (staggering out of the front line with a broken shield), but you’ll be very popular when you do.

If you want to look after your gear or that of your group, then it’s probably a good investment. But it’s not one that will see a lot of use.

I play a battle-mage and I went for Restore Limb instead of Mend, CLEAVE being a more common call than SHATTER.


The Mend spell is a bit like the Purify spell (and to a lesser extent restore limb) You don’t need these spells because there are more efficient ways of dealing with the issue (mostly herbs/potions/physicians etc) The advantage is in having them always with you, and in emergencies the fact that they can be swift cast.

Mend helps when you get your weapon shattered. Shatter is tactically speaking the strongest call in the game, but partly because of that it’s also one of the least common.

The mend spells usefulness depends a lot on how you intend to use it, if you want it because you’re an awesome battle mage and you need to be able to repair your shield or staff right now , before you’re overrun then it can be worth it. Suddenly losing your range/defence advantage in a battle line can be deadly.

If you’re planning to use it as support on the battlefield if other people get their weapons smashed then you will usually find that there are enough artisans around to cover people.

Unfortunately it’s one of those spells that an absolute life saver in specific situations and is a bit rubbish the rest of the time.

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Absolutely yes! I took it after a friend died who might have lived had I had that spell. It probably depends what sort of fights you get into, but at a recent player event (Nemesis) it was one of my most used spells because some monsters had a lot of shatters. On a battle this year or last I was monstering as a herald who had a LOT of mana mainly for use on shatters.


At a recent player event (Nemesis) I was very glad someone had it when my shield got shattered at the very start of a 3-hour battle. Not having that shield would have reduced my effectiveness considerably - and the battle was touch and go as it was…

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It’s also really useful from an ooc perspective: loss of a weapon on a large battle can be a huge pain to get the physrep back, get a mage to fix it and you can keep track of it.

In one of the battles at the start of Empire it turned out that I was the only convenient mage capable of casting mend, and ended up fixing half the shields in the Highguard shield wall.

I’ve not used it since!

It’s either very, very urgently important right now, or not.

Depends if you want to hedge your bets, on the one off chance of being the saviour of the day!

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So the consensus seems to be:

If you plan on going on a lot of battlefields, skirmishes and combative player events…

…if you have the spare 1 xp and no other plans…

…and you can’t purchase a Runesmiths Gavel…

then yeah, get the Mend spell… :slight_smile:

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…And “If you don’t have Autumn Lore 2 and Anvil Of Estavus”.
It’s great as a secondary combat spell, if you also have a routine spell like Heal, Restore Limb or Repel that can see a lot of use in a lot of situations. That way you get reliable fun and moments of awesome when you pull out “yeah I can Mend”

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I would avoid it. There is a cheep magic wand that can give you the spell (a 0-material item). Try it out but I have seen someone just standing there with a clutch of weapons mending them each. Looked right bored.
I think its better done by artisans using oil. Cheeper, has fewer restrictions (You don’t have to be a squishy wizard to do it) and takes as long as drinking a potion.

Nope, applying Artisan’s oil takes 30s of gluing. I think it’ll tell you on the card:’s_Oil

One of the big advantages of Mend is you can swift-cast it if you need.


Ah my mistake. I’m not an artisan.

You might not have to be a mage but you do need to be an Artisan to use the oil so even if you carry your own oil, you’ll need to find an artisan to apply it. (unless you take it yourself, but 4 pts just to avoid the mend spell is probably a bit extreme). :wink:

Either way you’re still left with the problem of finding someone else to patch up your weaponry.

Runesmith’s Gavel does require you to be a mage to use it.