Merrow Cephalopod?


I’ve never been super keen on playing any of the lineages as it would make my kit, that much harder to manage.

However, I do find myself being drawn to Merrow, possibly the most difficult of the lineages in terms of kit.

Would it be too off brand to be more of a Cephalopod than a fish?

As a lovecraft fan, I’d jump on any opportunity to be Squidface Mcgee even if it would require drinking through a straw all weekend.

On the wiki it does sate that their Barbels can look more like illithid from D&D, but still I feel I may be breaking the cannon somewhat by presenting myself as something other than a typical fish.

I’d like to hear what you lovely folk think on the matter!


There are definitely some rather more squid-like than fish-like merrow on the field. Keeping it blue is the important bit- otherwise, knock yourself out!

I’d suggest caution about going full squidface given that “drinking through a straw all weekend” is indeed one of the main problems, along with “eating will be really difficult” and “if you wear glasses they will fog up something chronic”. (Source: Twilight Masquerade into a squid-like merrow for a day and a half. Mask - hopefully this FB link will work - bought from Mim who was selling at Skian Mhor; not sure if she’s still selling through them, but worth a look!)


Here is an example of a squiddy merrow. Photo by Beth Dooner.


Awesome I’d been looking for a good picture of Anwar :+1:


I have seen squiddy tentacles like that for sale in Tiger.

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I would definitely recommend separate prostheses rather than a full face mask - partly because of the eating/drinking problem mentioned above, but also because it worked out considerably cheaper that way.

Mine are attached at pressure points on my cheekbones and jawline, which means they move independently while I’m talking as well (which has been known to freak people out, especially as they glow faintly in the dark!).

Speaking of which … attaching them is an adventure in itself. I found mine were too heavy for regular spirit gum, so the first couple of events were spent experimenting to find the delicate balance between “lasts more than a couple of hours” and “does not aggravate my skin” - the best I’ve found is actually pound shop superglue, YMMV.

(Relevant to any prosthetics, not just tentacles) If you are masculine presenting, then for the love of Virtue SHAVE first. By the last day of the event I always end up pulling facial hair out with them :fearful:

Finally, don’t think of the prosthetics as an end point. Lineage can increase, and even if you have no plans in that direction you can always accessorise - I have started adding jewellery to my tentacles…