Met on the bus to Birmingham

Hi Wintermark!

As I was waiting at Banbury bus station on the Sunday evening, I was lucky enough to encounter two Wintermarkers making their way up to Birmingham, missing a friend (or two?). Any chance of finding out who they are, as I’ve forgotten their names?! They were absolutely lovely and made my journey a lot more fun and enjoyable. I was feeling very uncomfortable at the prospect of travelling from a place I don’t know to another place I don’t know on my own as time rolled on, and having their company was of such a help.


They are Dan Wakeham (myself) playing Oda Tokling, and Peter Callaghan (who I’m not sure is on here yet) playing Stacgar Icebreaker.


Hi Dan!

Guess my first question should be did you and your guys get home safely (and relatively quickly!)?

Yeah, it was relatively smooth - although pete mistook a massive queue for a bunch of people waiting for another bus…we nearly got lynched, but managed to play it cool by dumping our stuff through the doors and then returning to the back of the queue.

People are really weird in Birmingham bus station.

Hi Josée, it was great meeting you on the bus and post-game chatting all the way to Birmingham. As Dan said, getting back went fine in the end, even when my British politeness failed and I ended up kiboshing my way through that queue, it was pretty smooth. How was your journey back?


Sounds like your journey back was a little easier than mine. Got on to the bus to Plymouth fine, but about 1/3 of the way down the M5 our engine failed. Literally failed. We suddenly were doing 20mph with an engine that was literally chugging, and then the engine just stopped and we were freewheeling down the M5 for a mile or so. Luckily there were two buses heading in that direction (one to Plymouth and one to Bristol) and all of us on the ailing bus (which seems like it was burning oil or something, given that the coach behind us saw blue smoke coming from us) aside from 5 were able to hop on that one. We were told that we’d be dropped at Bristol to await another bus to get us to Plymouth, but I get the feeling that National Express informed the driver in no uncertain terms that he would be continuing to Plymouth. I arrived about half an hour late into Plymouth, which isn’t bad all things considered!!

It was awesome to chat to you guys, and as I said in the first post, it was nice to have some people going from the same place to the same place (partly). Did your friend(s) (I can’t remember if there was more than one!) get home in good time?

He stayed with a friend of ours in Trowbridge and got the train back. He preferred it that way, I think. It must have been on his mind in the first place to stay another day.

Worked out well for all involved, it seems! Did you ever get an apology or anything from the taxi company?

No, I phoned them up and called them a shower of bastards on the way to Banbury though. I meant to make a case of it when I got home, but among the many things I haven’t done yet (like unpack, clean the shitty mud off my stuff, make a new batch of booze for E5) I’ve not bothered with it.