Military resource

I am sure that way back in E1 my resources gained from my military unit was a mixed bag of stuff but ever since it has been multiples of a single resource. Was this changed to make it easier to put packs together because it seems a real shame that we no longer get a random mix :frowning:

I’m guessing it was a change to make it easier to put together packs, especially on the fly for gate-paying folks.

The multi-resource packs were fun and added character to the Military Unit packs (they had occational herbs or rings in them, too), but in terms of admin overhead they are a luxury. If were to say that I’d like to have them back, it would be because I’m wishing PD a lighter Admin burden rather than missing the mix.

Find a bunch of other people at GOD also collecting their resources from a SMU. Get together and put everything in a bag. Pull out resources at random until everyone has a mix. Obviously not an ideal solution and one that might require some additional exchanges to even things out. No expense in admin time for PD, you get randomised resources.


I know someone whose military unit has produced nothing but tempest jade forever. He believes they are in fact operating a tempest jade mine in secret and slacking off whenever he takes his eyes off them.

Even just 5 & 5 would lessen the sting of 10 tempest jade. Obviously any extra from upgrades would ideally be made up from a third option :slight_smile: Seriously though, I know a mixed pack adds to the admin chore but not much if its just 2 resource types instead of 1 and ‘generic’ upgrade packs of truly random stuf could be made up to give those with improved units the chance to get the rare bonus of herbs/mana/cash etc… At the end of the day it’s no harder than processing fleet resources and probably a lot easier than sorting out Artisan crafting stuff.

“No harder than fleet” is true, but that doesn’t mean it’s no extra effort to do it - I think the GOD and pack-filling crew would also be going “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh so much work” if everyone who currently has a military unit switched to a fleet, because it’s more effort for them to make up the packs.

I know… I’m just complaining because we built a group around the idea of random mixed loot and 3 out of 5 of us got dragonbone last time :frowning: It’s not really a big deal, more of a ‘it would be cool if we could go back to the old system’ Sadly, as folks have pointed out. it’s more work and I can see how the nice idea becomes a chore when scaled up to a whole field of players :frowning:

You do get a random resource. Sometimes that means 3/5 of you get dragonbone - it’s not common, but the chances aren’t too abysmal, and there are a lot of people on the field.

That’s the downside of military units, really - no control over the resource you get (with the corresponding upside that you’ve got the potential to get anything, so you have more options if you’re lucky).

But the point is, you don’t get a random mix of resources - you get 10 of the same resource. It’s like you get a random mine or forest’s output, rather than a return from unpredictable looting and raiding. It’s supposedly possible to get mana or herbs in rare instances as well - does that mean you sometimes get the exact output of a mana site or herb garden now?

Exactly what Dre said. As originaly written the bonus of Military Units was that you could get assortment of loot (like a fleet) but it’s downside was that it was unpredictable. Now you do indeed get a randomly selected resource but it is just like having a mine with the downside that it’s still unpredictable :frowning:

But a military unit has a benefit over a mine of assisting the war effort - even if they don’t contribute to the outcome when raiding you have the option of adding them to an army with no cost to switch, unlike a mine owner who would need to pay each time they swapped, or a mana site owner who needs an expensive ritual.

Reading the page on military units, the wording is quite ambiguous - “Raiding produces ten ingots or measures chosen randomly from the eight basic resources available.” I suppose that the way you can justify it, IC, is that your unit raids a specific shipment or production site, e.g. an orichalcum mine.

We know that there is a random chance of a unit producing herbs or mana instead; I imagine that this means you’d get the output of a mana site or herb garden equivalent in rank to the unit, and no other resources.

Since there is a randomiser involved, I can’t imagine that it would be very hard to include a variety of “mixes” of ingots/measures into the random table - so presumably the ten-of-a-kind thing is the system working as intended.

No, looking back I am sure that at least for E1 it was a mixed batch of stuff. I think it got simplified to ease the burden on the poor admin staff who pack the envelopes (fair enough). As I have said it’s not a huge Aaargh! type thing but it would have been nice to have it explained and nicer still to have been set as containing at least 2 types of resource.
As Ariadne points out, Military Units have the versatility of being able to assist armies but it must be remembered that this comes at a cost of halving your resource income so isn’t quite as good as it might seem.

It would be nice to get a random allocation of resources though I can understand the difficulties that might represent. However in the last few seasons it has seemed slanted towards the sort of mage crud that the system is awash in rather than the stuff you use for crafting weapons and armour.

I suspect, though I cant prove it, this is because the mage stuff is generally not crafted as much as it frequently is not considered a cost effective way of achieving the same results. Ergo god has more of it floating around in huge bundles.

So wish we had a like button…

I’m given to understand the likelihood of getting a certain resource is directly proportional to how little of it is floating around the field (as has been pointed out earlier whatever GOD has an excess of.)
And sometimes GOD apparently has a laugh. Like EVERY Wintermark Military Unit getting Iridescent Gloaming. I believe it was more than 200 measures of the stuff.

All I can suggest, and it has been suggested before, find someone off-field (before time-in) and do a bit of swapping, it doesn’t even need to be someone with a military unit, people with fleets (like myself) would be happy to trade resources. And maybe other resource owners, although I’m not sure how that could be explained IC.

But in that case you may as well do trading IC and avoid the dodgy area of passing IC resources around while OOC. Unless PD is explicitly happy for people to do that, but I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules in practical terms. There’s also the potential issue that it would confuse other players who learn, IC, that some units are getting a variety of materials and then wonder why they aren’t, themselves - when the answer is an OOC arrangement between players rather than anything official or which could be explained IC.

Anything that looks like someone having a laugh may well be the random numbers being properly random. Human brains look for patterns, so we tend to think anything that looks patterny is “less random,” but it need not be.