Minibus from Banbury E4 Update

Official Minibus from Banbury.

There is a free minibus service between Banbury and the site

We will again operate a minibus service collecting players from Banbury train station and bringing them to site.

This minibus will leave Banbury at 15.45 and 19.15 on Thursday and then
at 12:00, 13:30 and 15:00, and 16:30 on Friday.

Return trips on the last day start from 16:00 until everyone is ferried.
By Bus or Taxi

From Banbury you may also take the Stagecoach 500 bus to Brackley which is 5 miles from the site and then use a local taxi. Taxis include Braxi Taxis (01280 700 600) and Direct Taxi Services (07512 929 297).

Unofficial driver note.
We have had a lot of problems with taxi drivers recently. We have been in negotiation with the Station Manager, who will be deciding where we can pick up from in discussion with Matt P. These discussions with PD have not concluded yet, so I can’t point you to the correct pick up point. I will endeavour to keep passengers updated here. (Estimate 1 week prior to the event.)

On the Thursday, If I am able, with timings/traffic/Etc., I try to start at 15:00 and attempt to get in and extra run. As this can’t be guaranteed, if you arrive at 15:45 and find no bus, I will already have left with a full bus and am probably only 15 minutes away. (If a taxi driver tells you otherwise, he wants your money. I just want you all on site as soon as I can.)

Friday I often manage an extra run, but again, can’t guarantee.

Sunday: Although the first official run is 16:00, I am usually available to start ferrying not long after time out. The first bus run will leave when it is full.

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