Misc Newbie Questions

Hi all, never been to Empire but hoping to attend soon, standard “I’m new to Anvil”. Now that the code-phrase has been uttered, let me ask you:

  1. I have bright blue hair day-to-day and don’t relish the thought of wearing a wig all weekend. Would this be acceptable at Empire? (My character is an experimental medic of sorts so I have some fluff about self-experimentation and an expired batch of cerulean mazzarine ready to go just in case.)

  2. I’ve seen the Rhyv rune used in lieu of a set medical symbol. Would it make sense for a battlefield medic to display this rune somewhere on their outfit, or is that just going to draw unwanted attention from the enemy?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to empire!

  1. Coloured hair is perfectly fine, loads of people have coloured hair and I know some colour for the event.

  2. Not in my experience, there are quite a few healers running about, if you’re actively over some one that’s when you’ll be the biggest target but most of the time nations look after healers very well.


Welcome along Snoozyblue, to the game and these forums :smiley:

  1. Blue hair is fine. Between alchemy, magic, and Eternals, you could show up in any colour.

  2. The Rhyv rune (blood) has been grabbed by the Imperial Hospital as a symbol. Yes, wearing it would make sense for a medic. Few enemies will have the time to distinguish and target those with that rune though, and I doubt it’ll attract more attention than usual.

As noted, being caught bent over the fallen with bandages in hand is more likely to identify you as a healer, and groups tend to take good care of their healers.

Easy questions, ask us another :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s good to have a mate stand in front of you with a shield when patching people up as I know monster archers love ruining healers days :slight_smile:

So Blue hair can be a secondary sign of being Merrow, meaning that they are not required nor are they enough alone to be Merrow however at a distance one might be mistaken (until one got closer and saw the lack of gills.

Alternatively it is entirely possible that it is simply dye, such things are entirely possible though the term for such things is ‘Below the Abstraction Layer’, as in they are considered to exist but the specifics are left up to the player.

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My character has bright blue hair, so don’t worry! Nobody asks because coloured hair really doesn’t matter in the setting. I did make up a reason for mine involving boggarts, but only because I dyed it between events, and it gave me an amusing anecdote to tell!

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