Mix and Match Armour types

If I was to wear a heavy chest piece and then medium arm and leg pieces in such a way that I don’t have a full set of heavy or medium. Would this just count as medium armour for hit points and grant protection from an impale to the chest?


You get hit points for the lightest type of armour which you’re using to make it to full coverage.

So if you have a heavy torso piece, medium upper arms and light lower legs, you get 2 hit points for light armour. If you add medium upper legs, you now don’t need to include the light armour in your full coverage, so you get the 3 hit points for medium armour. And if you add a heavy helmet, you can now count as fully armoured from just the helmet and torso piece, so you get the full 4 hit points for heavy armour.

Another way to think about it is to imagine taking off each of your pieces of armour in turn, from light to heavy. One of them will be the critical piece that tips you over from having full coverage to not having full coverage - that is the piece which determines how many hits you get.

Every piece of medium or heavy armour you’re wearing also protects against cleaves and/or impales which hit that physrep, regardless of what the overall hit points you’re getting from your suit of armour are.


Thank you for your reply, I though that would be the case but didn’t want to get caught out on a technicality :slight_smile:

Never forget this one; your only piece of armour might be a steel bracer, but that can still allow you to block an impale call from a halberd with your forearm and avoid the traumatic wound.

On a related note, wearing metal greaves and bracers can often make people think you have heavy armour on underneath your visible gear and just save their impales for the Brass Coast warrior next to you. The psychological game is real!

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Yup. I wore shiny medium for years, no-one shot me.

As for the OP, the armour rules can be a little confusing, and you won’t be the first or fiftieth coming here with queries.

The nice thing is, it’s perhaps the only system I’ve played where things like armour on the back of the legs is actually a good idea… :slight_smile: