Mixed lineage

Hey so a thought came over my mind but is there such thing as mix lineage, i don’t mean drastic things like having 3 different kinds i mean like subtle mixes like a cambion with antlers instead of horns, any idea if those are a thing in the world.

No, you can not mix lineages. Each Lineage is created by some form of influence from one of the six magical realms, they are mutually exclusive and exist only in human beings.

In terms of the phys reps each lineage has their own list and should stick to that list with the occasional exception for a specific request that is still in keeping with the theme and intent of the lineage.


Okay I was curious is all good to know, I’m a changeling myself and wanted to know if mixed lineage was a thing thanks


You do have a little creative control on how your lineage can look. Though, this is still restricted within certain bounds. These bounds are mainly so each lineage looks unique, identifiable.

Physical changes are usually seen to be inline with mental/personality changes. So the more you “look” like a lineage, the more you act like it. This is not a hard 1:1 relationship… more of an ushering as i understand it.

In a little bit of science… Horns are mostly keratin, grown around a bone core, usually a single tapering growth. They are permanent features of that creature. Antlers are made of bone, tend to branch, and are not permanent.

If you feel that you would rather have antlers rather than horns, they are similar…ish… You could put forward a case to PD to get them added to the “look and feel” but as antlers seem to be more of the look and feel to the changeling. So you could be confused with them, so its probably not going to happen.