Mixed nation romance

Hi I’m am a new member to empire (a small group of us) hoping to join the brass coast camping IC how ether I’m a orc my fiancée a brass coast member we have a connected back story and in a relationship IC,

would that mean i have to camp/fight for imperial orcs alone or is it ok to fight for the brass coast.


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Firstly, welcome to the game and these forums!

Cross nation relationships are fine.

Cross SPECIES relationships… well, you might get some funny looks :slight_smile:

Now, as an Orc player character, you are by definition part of the Imperial Orcs nation. This means that:
If there is a Brass Coast only quest etc, you can’t tag along.
If there is Brass Coast only magic, you can’t be involved.
The Brass Coast Egregore* won’t be able to find you.

But the Imperial Orc one will.

Beyond that:
You can camp with the Brass Coast.
You can march in the battle lines with the Brass Coast (EDIT, as long as the Imperial Orcs are on the same battlefield, thanks LauraH…)
Unless there are any restrictions, you can hurl yourself off on dangerous adventures with the Brass Coast through the Sentinel Gate.
You can socialise with the Brass Coast at great and expensive length…
You can co-ordinate downtime actions with the Brass Coast, no problem.

*National Magical Spirit.


Folks camp together out of character all the time (we all understand the logistics). However, you will have to fight for the orcs; egregore magic will open the gate for your nation, and you can’t enter without them (unless the Freeborn are fighting on that day).

Cross-nation relationships are possible but not easy, as the culture clashes between nations make it easy to have misunderstandings. If you are an orc dating a non-orc you may encounter racism and negativity from characters (not players!) too.
I’ve done it myself and it was fun (Brass Coast - Navarr) but it’s not the easy way to play an IC relationship. If you are the only orc in your friends, it may get a bit lonely.

If you want to camp and fight with your Freeborn mates you might have a better time rolling a character from the Coast. Empire is set up mechanically so that groups can (except in rare cases) only function within a nation.


thanks for the replies, the racism funny looks and pvp rp was the reason why we planned the characters thought it would be fun and interesting,

however for the magic specs and fighting together ill probably set aside my orc gear and make a brass coast character.

I’m not sure if it’s what you meant, but you can only have one live character at any time in Empire. You can’t play your orc on Friday, then a brass coast character on Saturday, then your orc again on Sunday. To change characters means killing off the previous one, and once they’re dead you can’t play them again.

no I know I get that I will be making a brass coast character as my only character setting aside my orc character as a idea for another time.


Bit late to the party, I know, but…

I have seen cross-nation romance. It was fraught, it was funny, but it did end with a couple of members of our carta (League version of a guild) leaving for Dawn. Orcs cannot (currently, maybe ever) do that though. Orcs are orcs and humans are actual people with souls which can walk the labyrinth. There are no half-orcs (99% sure of that; someone please correct me if I am wrong) because they are two different species who just happen to look vaguely-similar.

Now in-game prejudice… That is not limited to species.

We have Lineage, so people can mock the horns and the gills and the fangs of people who look a bit strange. For the Brass Coast, it’s apparently only Merrow (fish people) who are really not accepted; on the other hand, sending your kids to Urizen just because they have blue skin does seem like some pretty solid prejudice.

Inter-faction prejudice is very normal. Highguard (mirror-shattering low-lives) are a good bet if you want to be viewed with suspicion right now.I’m not sure if the Freeborn have decided the Highborn are not too bad, but the nation was founded by three ‘sisters’ who were getting out of Highguard.

As a player from the League, we have intra-national prejudice. The northern cities smell funny and wear animal furs, for example, so we look down on them a little. Even in the south, there are differing opinions on whether Sarvos is the more elite nation (it is) or whether that title should (wrongly) go to Tassato. If you happen to come from Tassato, of course, you can have great rivalries between those born on either side of the Vassa river.

And all of that is before you get into the Free Companies of the League, who are rival bands of mercenaries and are therefore directly competing for coin!

In the end, my point is that tension comes when you look for it. The Empire is not one happy homogeneous blob, it’s a bunch of scheming nations all trying to get one over on each other. They eye each other suspiciously because they have strange accents, because they have history of eyeing each other suspiciously, because one of them is bright blue, because they value a different virtue. Even the otherwise-tolerant Freeborn…