Mixing Armour Types

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I have read the posts in reference to mixing variety of armour types, and i am pretty sure of the requirements in covering the various locations to allow for extra hits and protection against various calls. However my question is more of a aesthetic nature in relation to wearing a latex moulded helm, while it would not provide the protection to my noggin it looks really good. However is this viewed as to be cough cough bending the rules as viewed by a not so friendly orc would look real . Any advice comments would be most welcome .

Thanking you from a Old / new player

There is no rule against wearing hats on the battlefield.

Latex isn’t armour. So as long as you are not claiming it to count as armour to get hit points then you should be fine. Assuming it looks like you say.

Your head can’t take calls anyway. So as long as you have full coverage without the ‘helm’ then it’s fine.

There is rules around cosplay style foam armour. But I shouldn’t think that applies here. Do you have a picture or a link to the item?

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If your helmet is a heavy rubber, it’s probably going to be covered by medium armour. There’s a specific ban on foam armour, but if I was making vegan ‘leather’ Medium Armour, I’d totally have a go with rubber flooring. I’ve seen rubber car mats used in sci fi armour before.

I am not a ref, but if I was buying something in a cast rubber I’d want it to be on the “norton armour” side of production values and not the “fancy dress shop one”. If it’s trying to look realistic and doesn’t flop about like an empty rubber mask, I can’t see how it’s different from stiff leather or syntheric urethane rubbers.

From the Medium Armour Rules

Thick leather armour (the majority of the armour is more than 3mm thick) or any armour made from a light weight material such as polyurethane (e.g. Norton Armour), aluminium, or mixed neoprene and steel provides the wearer with 3 extra hits.

At which point, if you’re wearing it it will count for the purposes of extra hits. The rules benefit of helmets is you just need one of those and some chest armour and you have full coverage. So if it’ll count as medium, you’ll have +3 hits if you wear it with a Medium or Heavy breastplate, for example.

If we’re talking about a Foam and Latex helm then you can wear it as costume, but it doesn’t count as armour. The section about Light Armour says “Costume made from foam or karrimat does not count as armour.”

However there is an exception for Mage Armour, the rules for that say "Mage armour can be made out of any real world material, provided you try to make as clear as possible that your character is wearing magical protection and not mundane armour. " That’s to allow Mage Armour to be a bit more wild and unreal.


Thankyou all for responding. I feel i have got the info i need cheers

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