Money, how far does it go?

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So, to start off with, you won’t just get 18 rings - 18 rings is what every citizen gets for just turning up. Your farm will give you a further 9 crowns (you can see the personal resource production values here), which is a further 180 rings (20 rings to a crown).

There’s a whole host of different things available to buy in Anvil! There are people selling alcohol, sweets and cakes, books, hand-crafted items and more. Most of the nations have PC-run teashops and bars. There’s a library where you can buy books, there’s a range of IC services, even a massage guild. You can also use it to buy various in-game resources that you can then use to make things (or have things made), or try to sell on at a higher price. Most of the prices of things are negotiable, but to give you an idea, a pint at the moment will probably cost you around 5 rings.

Almost any way that you can think of making more money, you essentially can do. Want to make cakes and sell them to other players for IC cash? Do that! Want to publish a book of bawdy poetry and see what you get for it? Why not! Or you can try buying resources cheap and selling them high. The trade game is quite wide and varied!


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Every character gets 18 (r)ings before their resource. A farm will give an additional 180r.
An example: pint of beer will cost on average 5r. A bottle of fine drink could be anything from 1 (cr)own to 8cr (20r=1cr 8cr=1(T)hrone)
Most materials have a cost around 1cr (this varies wildly in the field for many reasons).
This money should get you through the event in more than enough beer, cake, tea and such. (a throne is a lot of cash)


As said above, trawling the camps to buy low and sell high on the common materials is an easy, but slow way of making money. It’s a great way to talk to lots of people and find out what is going in different camps though.
If either of you is an artisan then selling the items you make and taking commissions for more should earn you a few crowns.

Whether you feel poor depends on what you want to do with your money. You’ll have no problem buying drinks, snacks, entry to plays or events and maybe a magic item (especially one that’s only got a few season’s left in it). You won’t be buying bourse materials to upgrade resources, three or four throne bottles homebrew rum or being fully decked out in all the magic items.

All of those are possible though with a bit of effort and a few games, or a bit of luck in being at the right place at the right time.


While your question may have been answered above, I’d just like to add that this isn’t actually a question that crops up that much.

Also, as well as the on-field luxuries (drinks, snacks, services) you can also, for 9 crowns, afford some of the cheaper magic items made by artisans. These are usually combat or magic orientated.

Example: Warriors plate (Heavy armour, +1 additional hit), usually for 2 or 3 crowns.


It really depends what you want from your game. What would you like to do at events? Are you taking a farm to participate in Marches politics (as in that nation only farmowners can vote) or do you simply want to walk onto the field with plenty of cash.

A few years ago I created a character with a printing Business and spent the entire event collecting IC publications and reading them all. So I handed each one a few rings or up to a couple of crowns in one case. (If you’re buying religious publications from Synod members you’ll be surprised how far your nine crowns go, as they have famously low incomes) All the food and drink I bought was from vendors who took money in £ and I had no need for magic items etc.

Conversely, I had another character who constantly needed to buy health and mana potions to keep him going on the battlefield. Sometimes he would use less than he bought and carry the surplus forwards, sometimes he would use everything he had. He died with about four thrones worth of high-end potions on him, someone scavenged them.

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A lot of the actual info is what we call ‘FOIP’ (Find Out In Play).

That being said -
3 - 5 rings will get you a drink or a bit of cake in most camps. If you are getting a round in, there’s nothing stopping you from negotiating.
You get your resources - The prices on them do fluctuate, sometimes wildly. A general guide is 1 crown (20 rings) per resource item. Some are worth more, others a bit less. Herbs have a fairly wide range, and Mana tends to sit around 35r.

Those prices are a guide - Sometimes demand on something is really high, other times it’s low - Thats where you use your own skills in sussing out the situation.
It’s worth heading over to Brass Coast, and looking for the tents next to the Brazen Paradour pub… I can;'t remember what they are called, but they sell Sangria! Theres a guy there who sells a paper called the ‘Thrifty Squid’ - Which is a general price guide. Note that this can (And does) go out of date pretty quickly, as its printed between events and not updated during, but it’s still a useful resource. If you can’t find the dude (Beard, Golden jacket, Turban, horns, Happy-looking guy - Although that describes 40% of Brass Coast), Just ask around - A lot of bars, trading houses and groups might have a copy lying around although Traders will ALWAYS say ‘Ahh it’s rubbish, don’t go by that’

If you find yourself a little cash-light, sell your resources - Some bars will take the resource straight-up for drinks, and you’ll usually get the better end of that deal as they tend to be a little more free with drinks or OC stuff, Just make sure you know the rough value of what you have :wink:

Ask around your nations camp, There are a few ‘Big Traders’ and they can usually help you get on your feet if you want to try the trading game, or at least can point you in the right direction if you want your game to go elsewhere. Traders tend to know where various groups hang out, Where covens of rituals are, healers of each nation.
If you find yourself in Varushka, Pop into the Wulfen Reavers - They are really nice, but don’t tell them I said that. 2nd Legion in the Orc camp are fun to hang out with, A lot of the Brass Coast firesides are welcoming - House Tazeil for one. The Carta Nocturna in League are cool (Multi coloured drinks, easy to find)

But yeah, exploring and finding out what it’s worth is the way forward.


The Thrifty Squid is, in fact, updated each day during the event and printed fresh each morning. And it’s purveyor (along with other members of the Brass Coast) wears a tagelmust rather than a turban.


nice plug

As if I wouldn’t notice :wink:

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Can you use money to buy physical representations of stuff?

Do you mean OOC money to buy resources (such as mana crystals, true vervain, weirwood)? I believe it’s illegal/breaking rules.

If you mean OOC money to buy a LARP weapon, that’s legal; but it’s illegal to use OOC money to pay for an enchantment on said weapon.

The materials (ambergelt, green iron, welt silver, iridescent gloaming) already have physical representations. Things with tear up lammies (Potions, laio, herbs ect), then yes or make your own.

Oh ok. Sorry, I meant, can you use IC money to buy some physical representations? Like a soldier might decide to a new helmet from a travelling trade IC?

If another PC is selling something like physical armour for IC money, then sure - there is nothing stopping any player from selling goods for IC money. However considering how much actual physical armour and weapons cost to make in real life, this is highly unlikely to happen. None of the official traders on site accept payment in IC money.


How do you know which traders take which currencies? Are the traders for OOC purchases (food&weapons etc) outside of the IC area? And vice versa? Sorry if this is a daft question. I was planning to buy my food mostly from the OOC traders keeping my IC cash for beer and resources :grin:

Those that take £ are actual registered traders and will not accept IC money, they are located in the traders section of the site or will be one of the caterers. Everything else will be IC money.


Fab thanks!

People can sell stuff for OC money out of the nation areas if they want to - but in practice anyone doing this is generally quite clear about it (they might use the coded phrase ‘barbarian money’ to mean real OC money).

For IC money you can mostly pick up consumables like cake and drinks, but sometimes people sell trinkets and small bits of kit / kit they want to get rid of too.


It’s easy to spot the Real-Money Traders. they are all located on (and just off) the Main street by the Main bar (Which is also Real Money)

Any other stuff for sale on the IC field, you can be fairly confident that it’s for IC money. There are a small handful of people that sell the odd thing for real world money, but they’ll usually be like… 1 unique thing (Like the games that Lorenzo in the League sells). Anything more than that… Well, I’m sure PD would step in, as the official Traders pay to be there.

Me and my mate were working out if we can survive on ONLY IC money all weekend, and we think it might be possible - Drinks and sweets, easy. Savoury is a bit more of a challenge - There are a few places that do a cheese platter, Naga twins in Urizen do sandwiches, Bronwyns Rest in Navaar (The bit thats not in the forest) do lunch packs and I think I saw a group with a stewpot which we could probably negotiate with.


It’s entirely legit for people to sell things for OC cash (with some exceptions around freshly cooked food and alcohol) if they want - the thing official traders get is more opportunity to advertise and a pitch in the main market area.

See for more details, specifically the second paragraph under ‘Options’.

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