Monster Ettiquette - prisoners?

Just as it’s not something I’ve seen written down anywhere is there any guide out there as to how to play each of the orc tribes attitudes to prisoners and handling thereof.

I know that when you’re a monster you’re under general instructions to not execute the fallen, but is there anything I should be following about what to do when people are cut off and players have retreated off the field? Or is this entirely down to on the spot briefings from monster refs and ‘commanders’ (if we have a command structure on the field) depending on how the battle has gone.

I’m aware of people who are captured hung on ramparts and left to bleed out, some tortured and left with a large number of wounds and thrown back through the gate and also prisoners ransomed through gate as well depending on negotiations.

Is this anything I need to worry about as a monster or is it stuff that I should just leave to the perm monster crew?

hi mark, as a member of the skirmish team we are generally under orders not to take prisoners or execute players left on the battle fields. i have personally taunted player lines by taking left players towards the line then role-played with the players till they try and get the people back. those unlucky souls left behind the plot team and the refs will sort out for game effect weather this is ransoms or as reminder to you not to invade our lands and become the serfs to us that you are destined to be :mrgreen:

to be fair, pyre clan did heal each person we mutilated and made sure prisoners didn’t bleed out to death.

We do mutilate people but the best thing I find is to work it into your monster.

Pyre Clan? I can’t find anything about that on the wiki, so presumably it’s not a barbarian faction?

It’s a player created monster clan, something you can do if you want to give your monster roles a bit of colour and design some specific kit and banners for them. Druj and the Thule both use subject tribes and mercenaries so it’s easy to fit them into a battle as needed.

Ah, right. That makes sense.

I’ve OC offered players the choice before.

A quick “hey mate, would you rather we left you bleeding out here, or healed you up and used you as a bargaining chip / incentive to charge us?”

Have yet to have anyone pick the bleed out option, but better to offer it!