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Me and my mates are making a new house in dawn. we’re looking at being a house focused on monster hunting, such as specifically fighting larger creatures or saying we have experience doing so. I was wondering if this would be a valid occupation/motivation and if anyone has heard of it being done before? I understand large monsters are rare we just feel it would be cool :slight_smile:


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Yeah it’s totally something Dawnish knights do, it strikes me more as a “Big Game Hunter” kinda thing compared to the Varushkan monster hunters but hunting down big dangerous beasts is a fun past time for many in Dawn :slight_smile:.

It’s mentioned on the Mundane Beasts page that Dire Beasts and Drakes are totally cool things to have a test of mettle to defeat.

Not sure if any particular house focuses on this in Dawn but you will probably have to work some to make sure you get on opportunities to hunt large beasts if they show up as everyone in Dawn wants their share of Glory. On the battlefield as well you also get war beasts of various kinds and Dawn loves to clash with them.


That sounds like perfectly fine concept to me! I suggest having a look at the mundane and legendary beasts pages on the wiki. They’ll give you an idea of what kind of stories would be plausible, as they list some of the kinds of monsters you can find in the Empire, and how hard some of them are to take on. For example, dire beasts, gryphons, or drakes would be plausible for your group to have dealt with, krakens and dragons not so much.

@Mark_Wilkin Damn, you typed faster than me :grin:


Hell yes!

Hunting large and horrible beasts is very Dawnish, especially if you have good stories about it :slight_smile: Sometimes they’re big nasty natural beasts, sometimes they’re actually monsters of various types, and sometimes it’s a cunning bandit in a furry hat.

Examples could include:
Hunting something nasty for a Test of Mettle (“Prove your worth, young knight, by bringing me the head of…”)
Hunting down things to ensure the safety of an area (Slayer of the dire boars of Arwood…)
A group of Questing Knights determined to continue their hunts after completing their Tests of Mettle, to ensure the safety of their land and the Prosperity of their people.

Here’s a bizarre reference, Descent of Angels, by Mitchel Scanlon, is a (Games Workshop) Horus Heresy Novel. And for the first large chunk, it’s the story of a society with order of brave knights guarding their communities from the huge mutant beasts of the dark woods…

(probably a theme done a LOT in fantasy, but I liked this one).

Anyway, there is not, to my knowledge a House that specialises in this. The closest is likely to be house CorDraco, which had a grand quest to kill a dragon in combat, by themselves. I think they killed three drakes and the quest was peer-approved completed…

(A dragon in Empire is about the size of a HGV… they don’t turn up in play often. A drake is about the size of a large LARPer in a big spiky costume [funny that], and so you might get 2 or 3 used by an army of orcs as line-breakers and shock troops).

You WILL have the problem that a large and impressive target is a glorious foe to defeat. So if you see something huge and gribbly looming above the battlefield, you’ll have to race the rest of Dawn to it. How’s your cardio? :slight_smile:

Time for a story, possibly apocryphal…

many years ago, in the first year or two of Empire, a monster called the trogoni turned up quite a bit…
One battle, one of these was in the front line of the orcs (Thule, I think), and facing the Dawnish. And three Dawnish knights (with large helmets, tunnel vision, and a hunger for glory) spotted it at once. And from different places in the line, they charged the trogoni. The poor guy in the cloth and plastic suit playing the trogoni saw three armoured juggernauts coming hell for leather at him… stepped back… and fell over a fallen tree…
…the knights, who never spotted each other, slammed into each other, and then fell over… three of them, in full plate armour… on the trogoni.
A Man Down was called, the monster crew in the suit was carried gently off the field, and the Dawnish players were told off for over-enthusiam (a common problem in Dawn).
Later, the ref team carefully reminded the players that the way to kill monsters was not to fall heavily on them, repeatedly, wearing lots of metal.


There is already a group called the ‘Venatores Illustres’ multi nation (mainly Dawn and Urizen) that hunt monsters for fun, (it’s a PD driven group) but if you are interested come and see me IC, Earl Roger Du Soleil in Dawn (look for Gold and Blue) .

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By all means, the Dawnish can try their hand at hunting monsters, but the Varushkans will be off to one side shaking their heads, tutting, and offering criticism.


I’d avoid referring to it as a occupation, or a job, but other than that it’s pretty cool, going out to slay giant monsters is clearly Dawnish.

It would be a fine concept for a Dawnish House, but personally I think it might work better as a Knightly Order rather than a House. Dawn’s actually been fairly effective at exterminating these sorts of monsters, and a order of questing knights seems more likely to find them. Not to mention that there are less Questing Orders in play, and it could be an interesting bit of the brief to explore.

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That sounds quite interesting as a group idea with a lot of game in there. Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by a PD driven group? Is it a piece of PD plot that’s brought you all together, Player led with PD approval or a Solidarity like the Iron Raptors?

Yes - a plot run by PD

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