Monster Parentage

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I wasn’t quite sure where it would go.
Part of my (still a work-in-progress) backstory is that my grandfather was a mora. I was wondering if anyone’s heard of someone doing something similar and it affecting their character, like them being bound to the rules of hospitality, being a slight shapeshifter and so good at disguise (being able to change hair/skin colour without dyes IC, changing apparent age, etc) or not being able to get past walls? And would I be treated differently IC if people knew I was part-mora (possibly sparking IC discussions on if I’ll traverse the Labyrinth if I’m not fully human)?
Also, any tips on fleshing out a backstory would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

As always, I don’t know a dang thing about anything, but it does say in the Mora entry on the wiki that they can’t adopt the appearance of specific people, they can only take on a human form. So if Mora themselves don’t have a very fine control over their appearance, I don’t think a quarter-Mora would have any real advantage in that area. Beyond that, it doesn’t seem PD’s style for something like this to give your character anything more than a few eccentricities - feeling bound by hospitality and having an uneasy relationship with the Varushkan hearth magic of warding I would personally encourage. Even if they’re not in the blood, that kind of thing could be psychosomatic (if that’s the appropriate word) or self-imposed.

As for treatment, I think you can count on fellow Varushkans being understanding about it, if a bit wary. For other nations, I wouldn’t go around telling everyone I meet that I’m not entirely human.

As is often the prevailing advice, seems worth emailing PD about: either or would be the postboxes to shoot for.

Looking forward to offering you hospitality on the field!

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Thanks! I was mostly wondering if there was any precedent so I didn’t have to do anything myself, so I guess I’ll have to actually put effort in. le sigh
For the a human thing, I was taking it to mean they couldn’t pretend to be a specific person, for example they couldn’t pretend to be the Empress, not that they had no control over their appearance.
I look forward to seeing and possibly healing you on the field!

Definitely email in.

I’m veering on the side of guessing it wouldn’t be permissible for a player character. It may be - but I feel safe in categorically saying it wouldn’t give you any powers or abilities not possessed by every other human on the field, because there are only six lineages and none of those come with shapeshifting powers - that requires powerful magic, from my experience.

Of course, there’s almost certainly nothing wrong with believing you’re descended from Mora, and you can be as superstitious as any dyed-in-the-wool Varushkan about hospitality, rules and oaths. Such things are Hearth Magic, after all - part of the fabric of that nation and how the world seems to work.

If your character would be interested in shapeshifting though, they might have some skill or interest in rituals of Night such as Twilight Masquerade, which lets you disguise yourself as a different lineage. I’d link you, but it seems the wiki is currently down…


I’d probably move it a few more generations back, make it more family legend than provable truth and then look at the Volhov archetype who are often said to “take apprentices who have the touch of “the other” about them”

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I seriously doubt this would be allowed, but the only way to know would be to e-mail pd.

It was more as a potential thing someone else might have had, but now I’m curious so I might look into that - once the wiki is back up. Thanks!

Ritual link:

The purpose of the monster information is background fluff and things your character might have come across - not things you can actually play. If you want to believe an ancestor was a mora that may be fine but ask PD and the further back the better I expect. Hair colour changes are generally considered below the abstraction layer.

Off the top of my head (Wiki may contradict me in which case ignore this), Mora can have human children with human partners. I’ve always interpreted that as meaning the child is fully human. Human soul, human blood, possibility of lineage, just a regular ol’ human Imperial citizen.

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Are mora aligned to a flavour of magic?

Mmmm, illusion, so I’d say night? I’m not sure if there’s an official affiliation.

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But there could be some play there with a possibility of increased chances of naga in the family? (Obviously way under the abstraction layer and therefore entirely up to your own backstory but interesting thought none the less)