Monstering Muses

This occurred to me out of the blue and I thought it might be fun to ask. Let’s say somebody’s character dies so they decide to monster for the rest of the event. They get on their gear like everybody else and charge into battle with much waving of the LARP-safe pole-arms. However, while in this battle, the player builds up a character for their monster as they go along while talking. Let’s say they’re sparring with a Dawn warrior and they begin trading insults at each other, before realising that, as a hero/villain thing, the two make quite a good combination. Or maybe the monster makes friends with some other barbarians while fighting, saving a few people’s lives and getting saved themselves. So eventually, when the battle is done, assuming this character survives and lives to fight another day, when it comes to handing in the kit the player finds they quite like their monster and want to play them as a character. Is that a thing that can happen if they get their own appropriate kit for it?

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Not normally, the imperials are never going to accept a Druj warrior into the empire for instance.

that said there have been instances of recovering slaves from foes and then those becoming PC’s, at least one member of Urizen started out as a slave rescued from the druj and one of the now high ranking Imperial Orc’s started out as rescued from an illegal orc slave camp sin the empire, who started life as an on field NPC.


There are no Imperial Orcs who have ever been part of the big four tribes (Jotun, Grendel, Druj, Thule). The closest you’d get is playing a former Lasambrian of the Hierro tribe, who joined the Imperial Orcs while the Hierro were guests of the Empire in Segura.

You cannot play a non-Imperial character.


The battle team no longer accepts volunteer player monsters outside of the published requests for such, so outside of all the other given reasons this is unlikely to occur, the whole concept is moot


I thought players volunteered to be monsters whenever Profound Decisions needed enemies for the characters to fight?

What if a barbarian renounced their clan and decided to try and join the Empire? Could a monster NPC later become a PC?

No they are an enemy of the state until the state declares them otherwise. You are given a brief and you expected to stick to that brief, you are there to support and provide an opportunity for other players who inturn should show you the same respect of sticking to the brief given to them by PD. You are cast in a role and of course welcome to explore that role within the brief.


There are ~100 permanent crew monsters - the Skirmish Team or “The Hundred” - who do the majority. Players only monster at the main battles, plus the few published requests for volunteers - usually the larger skirmishes.


This is not supported.

Imperial Orc player characters are not permitted to be ex-barbarians to the best of my knowledge, and player monsters are requested and required to stick to the brief that they are given.

The closest that there is to this would be the elite barbarian units (EMUs) that the different nations send to battle, which are encouraged to have their own personality - but as a group, not as individuals, because the individuals have such a habit of dying.

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Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up

At different points I have mentally named my orc characters - but have not replayed them. I think it could be fun to develop one across the various battles you fight with the empire.


I’m now imagining the memoir of a slave/conscript orc, passed around the 4 major tribes, but every time made to fight the Empire, who are worse than any slave master…

Hey there’s some background for the Liberated Orcs from Jarm on the wiki and here’s some details about the few former Lasambrian orcs who joined the Empire. You also might see Orcs liberated from Dubtraig or the tribes of Ossium show up at some point.

The closest you could get might be, that if your Druj Orc monster survives a battle (running away, most likely), the next time you monster a Druj, you could pretend that it was the same one…

But as mentioned above, you cannot take a monster or NPC and turn them into a player character.

What you can do, as a monster, is try out builds and weapons combinations FOR a player character. Fancy a crack at battlemage? Does a spear work for you? See if you can try those out during a battle or large skirmish, and find out while monstering, before investing in a character…