Monstering skirmishes/quests

having enjoyed monstering player battles I was wondering if players are able to monster skirmishes and quests, or is this exclusively done by the skirmish team? As i have yet to take part in one of these as a player, monstering one seems like a nice way of getting some more combat.


I think you can still go to GOD and volunteer as skirmish crew, and if you do you get a voucher for a free drink. That’s what was being done last year at least :slight_smile:
No idea how long you have to monster for to get your drink mind.

awesome, thanks for the reply, feeling much more inclined to make a nice monstering kit now :slight_smile:

There was a board outside god last event with some particular times where they would like more monsters as well.

I had some of my group off monstering for a couple of Skirmishes on the Sunday evening.

When in doubt, pop your head in at GOD or Monster to ask.