Monstering the battle

Loads of info on Monstering but just wondering what weapons are akin to the different enemy/orc nations.
A group of monsters with a bunch of knightly swords would look weird to me.
Is it ok to wear a thin silk balaclava under the orc masks PD provides?
Would a jarmaish soldier have a katana. For eg.
I ask as my friends, daughter really wants a katana to use for her unconquered ch could that somehow be added to her back story to why she has one?

There are “look and feel” pages for the barbarian orcs (see this one for the Jotun, for example) that describe the sort of weapons they typically use. If you’re looking to get specific monstering kit, that’s great, but so long as it’s not totally off-brief (e.g. crossbows for Jotun) then there shouldn’t be a problem reusing your PC’s weapons.

This is heavily discouraged. There’s an FAQ entry here, but in short, don’t try and justify off-brief kit with backstory, just don’t draw attention to it.

Ideally, it would be good to explain that katanas aren’t on-brief for Highguard, and instead look to get something that exemplifies the brief in order to be a more iconic Unconquered. People are generally great in the field, but they’re more likely to gloss over something that doesn’t quite fit like a katana. Something more fitting the brief will make your friend’s daughter stand out.

If your friend’s daughter already has a katana, then it might be okay to use it. Empire has an aspirational kit brief - so long as something isn’t wholly jarring then it’s okay to use it - but the idea is to work towards better kit over time. I wouldn’t buy a katana for an Unconquered at Empire - it’s a bit like buying running shoes to go mountain climbing. They would be a great purchase for a different context, but they won’t be a great help for the situation you do have.


Ah, it does mention it in the wiki should of checked before posting

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Everything is in the wiki somewhere but unless you know what to search for it’s easy to miss stuff!!


Most weapons are generic enough that they don’t look out of place in any of the barbarian nations, and even if they don’t, most people are too busy being hit to worry about what the weapon actually looks like. Plus, it could always be a trophy weapon looted from a dead Imperial.

“Monster” also covers a wide range of opponents, from brutal, honor-bound Orc tribes, to sneaky swamp murderers, to dead Imperials resurrected as zombies by the power of the Spring realm, to hyper-religious Norman-themed warriors (who might very well suit those “knightly swords” you mention).

For a more OOC justification; while it would be extremely cool for everyone to have barbarian-nation specific weapons that they could use, the fact is that weapons are expensive. Even PD relies on a stock of generic weapons to outfit Skirmish Crew, rather than having a big rack labeled “DRUJ SPEARS” or “JOTUN SWORDS”.

My advice to new players is; so long as you have some kind of melee weapon, you’re able to go monstering. No-one but you will notice that Druj Orc #2 is using the same sword as your character. If you really don’t want to use your charcter’s Special Heirloom Weapon, either borrow a sword from a friend, or (if you have the cash) buy something suitably generic from a trader.

Sounds like a good idea to me, it’ll soak up your sweat. People that own their own masks often do something similar, especially if they have a full-latex one (rather than the half-fabric ones that are provided for monstering).