++ More OC updates ++ Autumn 381YE

Some last minute announcements for the event!

We don’t have the Goldbird Bistro now, but we’ve updated the wiki with a new menu for the Giddy Kipper for the coming event (https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Giddy_Kipper). In particular they are offering a range of wraps including vegan and vegetarian options. Conspiracy Catering and Mhorish will also be serving in the IC field, all three will be based near the Senate and civil service buildings. The Right Wok and Beats and Base Pizza will be in the OOC field near GOD.

We’ve arranged for a professional fully-licensed company to come and do some drone filming at the event for us. Our intention is to do some passes of Anvil to get the scope of the game and similar over the battlefield for the two big battles. We don’t normally allow film cameras at the event - partly because we know lots of players don’t want to be identified on film - so we’re taking steps to try to minimize any problems. The footage will be aerial shots from height to ensure nobody is recogniseable - but any participant can email us after the event and we’ll give you a link to preview the footage before we publish it. This is already our biggest ever event - so hopefully there will be some great footage that we can use to promote the game next year.

On that final note - I’d like to particularly thank all the players and crew who have been involved in planning the camps for this event. Record numbers of players is fantastic for the game - but it’s created a massive headache for them as they’ve tried desperately to work out a way to fit everyone in. So thank you to them for working so hard to do that - and thanks also to everyone who volunteered to move their sleeping tents to the OOC field to help make room - it is hugely appreciated.

Matt Pennington,
Profound Decisions.