More Uptime for Artisans

Caveats first - Not sure this is the right forum to post this on, so Mark feel free to delete/move

Secondly, I have been considering a few Empire matters that I think are areas that could be improved and thought I would post my suggestions here for general debate before deciding whether to pass these suggestions on to PD via email. However, I uderstand it might only be me that thinks they are problem, and that a discussion here has no bearing as to whether the Games team are thinking about changes to these rules, nor will it influence their decisions.

I have been thinkig about ways PD could create more upgame for Artisans:

OK, this one is a bit more out there. I was wondering whether Artisans could have to make more choices - that they specialise in one of the slots: Weapons/Armour/Talismans, with Group Items being available to all (much more limited range) but that they are able to identify all items within their group specialism.

Pros: Artisans would have something extra to do in uptime that comes from their skills, rather than it all being in downtime.

Groups would have to rely on more than one Artisan, which would potentially increase game for Artisans, and increase the need for trading for Magic Items

Cons: The obvious one would be the large number of Artisans that would be affected by the change and the large number of recipe skill changes it would cause them to have to make.

Would it create much extra game?

It would leave Mages with less use of some of their spells/rituals.