Multiple doses in the same bottle?

I know this may be an odd question but say I wanted to go out and sell a few potions (or maybe take a couple onto the battlefield to help others) and I was running low on bottles. Could I expend the correct amount of ingredients to make 2 or more of the same potion, get that number of laminates and then attach them to the same bottle?
In theory this would mean one laminate per person rather than one laminate and one bottle but I’d just like to check this works for both the rules and IC purposes before making any plans around this.

I’d recommend emailing PD ( to get a good answer to this question. I would think it’s ok, especially if you had a slightly larger than usual potion bottle so it looked like you could easily have a large batch of a potion in there, but I’m not a ref.

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One of our hall has a large potion bottle that he usually uses for pre-battle tonics.
He ties several doses (cards) to the bottle and we then pass it around and remove the cards as we each drink.
I love it as our pre-battle gathering tradition too

Oh fab, thanks for that.
That sounds like a pretty cool tradition too :stuck_out_tongue: