Multiple Thanes?

Me and my Hall are currently led by me and my two other IC brothers who deal with different parts of running the hall individually which has led to a problem between us all. Who gets to be thane? So we came to a consensus finally that if it is possible we could all be Thane of the Hall and act somewhat as a council of three. So i would like to ask if it is possible for a Hall to have more than one Thane at any given time and if anyone could see this as a bad idea in any way that has so far been unforseen by one of us.
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In principle, there’s nothing stopping you having multiple people that have to agree to any decision.

Some issues you might run into, however, can be paraphrased as “if everyone is Thane, then no-one is Thane”. If there has to be cosensus or a majority between the three of you to make a decision, then if you’re separated you can’t make decisions. None of you can individually speak for the Hall. If there was an important meeting for Thanes, who would go? What happens if you all disagree on what to do?

In general, Winterfolk “prefer strong, decisive leaders who make bold decisions and stick with them”. You don’t have to follow that ethos - but there’s a risk that others might question your council’s ability to lead.

In the end, though, I think it comes down to what’s going to be fun for you all. If this compromise of you all leading as a council is going to create more fun for you, then great!


Thank you for your reply and you have definitely answered our question and given us some things to ponder on.


First of all welcome along, nice to have you :relieved:

Secondly I think there’s a question of IC/OC here. I’ve started a group with my friend, OC all members of the group have a say in everything. IC he’s the thane. Out of character elements are dealt with by communicating out of character (group direction, additions to the group, policies etc). IC he goes to the thane’s council and then we diplomatically decide on things that crop up, ultimately he makes the final call IC but we trust him to do that.

We all as a group have roles to fill, we have a person who looks after trade and money, someone who knows the military game, healers, magicians etc this can be a great fluff and give people direction once they hit play.

Any questions on how everything works, I currently play in WM so ping me a PM if you need too

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Our group is growing and we have been to multiple events and i believe we have around 8 people now but we have always run it with the original three brothers and not one of us three really being the full thane so i wondered if it was viable to have three official leaders and if those three would be allowed to go represent the group or if only one could at the thane meetings?

Perhaps your actual Thane does not attend Anvil so your three senior brothers deal with things in their own spheres?

Ive not been to one but i imagine leader meetings in such an overpopulated nation are already half full of too many people, bringing two extras wont make you popular :smiley: You can always take turns and discuss things ahead of time, certainly for a theoretical unit our group discussed in another nation the “Leader” was a figurehead and a small council made all the actual decisions for them ahead of time where possible for complicated virtue reasons… (Weird probable heresies are fun :wink: )

But yeah as mentioned above IRL folks dont deal so well with absolute authority off the field anyhow so nearly every unit has some form of devolved authority or OOC leadership, experiment with what fits you group best.


OOC I’m in “charge” I get everyone on field and get them all together, IC however, unless there are still OOC greviences I’m not in charge, I was, but politics just isnt my game and I handed off thaneship to someone who i honestly thought could do a better job than I.

Being a thane you’re kinda expected to make decisive choices and usually on the spot, having to do and have a debate with 2 others would dilute you’re decisiveness.

The reason I handed off thaneship is because I trust my friend to make the best choices for the hall and I belive the rest of the hall should have trust in the thane to make the best choices, and having 3, I feel, detracts from this

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