Music for Navarr

So I’m a new player (Been to 1 event) and outside of Empire I play the cello. I’d love to play music in Empire and after looking at the Navarr style music, I was wondering if Flight of the Bumblebee would possibly be part of that repertoire? The war music for Navarr is “used to scare and disorient their enemies” and Flight of the Bumblebee sort of screams distracting, chaotic and a feeling of an unknown threat coming from all sides. Anyhow, I’d love some suggestions for any pieces I could adapt for Navarr (I play the Double Bass as well but I doubt I could bring that along)

Any instrument you cherish maybe wrecked by the change in temperature and moisture of anvil, i know a few bards got cheaper instruments just for the field

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I’d second not bringing along your best cello; the risk of breakage or damage is high. I have a metal clarinet for the field. My guitar is hanging up next to me and still has a chunk of mud on it that I really should wash off…

Flight of the Bumblebee itself doesn’t quite do it for me but I’m not a Navarr musician and I don’t know their brief especially well. I can see what you mean though. How about riffing off of the idea and improvising on the theme? Lots of repeated notes (for maintaining tension), harsh bow strokes (for shouts), glissandi (for screams), scales of different types (for increasing tension)? Atonal passages, spiky rhythms and spiky intervals, and occasional pauses (because sometimes nothing is scarier than silence!).

Sounds good, thanks!

On the question of risk, years ago I bought a cheap violin+bow for LARP, improved the tone by giving the violin some good strings, and have brought them to 30+ events of this sort (Empire and Maelstrom games) with no accidents to them. Keeping them in a solid case when not in use, though.

(The wooden bow twisted after a few years; I don’t know how much to blame conditions vs. the original low quality. Anyway, I replaced it with a carbon-fibre bow, which should be much more durable.)