Music (Getting That Boogie On)

As for music in Empire, I know there are lots of songs written by various people for the game, but are we allowed any other forms of music? Like anything from before a certain century? I’m not going to suggest using a ritual to see into an “alternate universe” and picking out funk songs, but…

All of the nations have a page for their music brief on the wiki. As with all the nation briefs, some are more helpful than others, but they’ll give you a general idea of what kind of music is appropriate for the nation. Obviously, the only music that can be played on the field is stuff that can be performed with instruments that are acceptable during time-in.

Generally, as long as it feels right, you’re free to bring in any song you like, but most songs need at least some lyrical tweaking. In particular songs that refer to workers or soldiers with masculine terms need to be changed to fit Empire. There’s also changing stuff like references to real-world locations and history, etc.

As long as you’re trying hard not to break immersion, people generally won’t mind if it’s a tune they recognize or if your music isn’t a hundred percent on brief for your nation in particular, as it’s always appreciated that someone is at least playing music.


Oh ok, thanks. I wonder what would happen if somebody managed to play some ABBA hits on a violin and began singing slightly adapted versions of them in Anvil

I suspect something like that would be a bit immersion breaking. You do sometimes come across the occasional modern song that has been musically and lyrically tweaked, but it needs to be enough to not be jarring and to ensure it was fitting for the nation in question.


I mean There are definately filked music out there that is based on more modern stuff, Britta’s Glory, aka Charge Dawn Charge, is based off The Chemical Workers song and I know there’s at least one song sung in Urizen that is set to a flight of Seagulls song, I think.

The important part is making it fit to the setting and the feel of the game.

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@Greenwood This will tell you more about the kind of music you could use. I find sea shanties and British folk music can work. Anything that sounds traditional.

@Triska I have heard a few things that sounded fairly modern, maybe something from the nineties. I also think I heard someone playing seven nation army. It was a bit jarring but I didn’t say anything because everyone seemed to be enjoying it. Do you think it is okay to write songs that don’t fit perfectly into your nations music brief? I understand that it can be fairly easy to find songs that already exist that can fit in but I personally find it hard to compose in a certain way on command.


I also reccomend folk music. Easily adapted :slight_smile:

As for off brief for your nation, you could easily say “this is one I heard in a tavern”, or “This song I was taught by a bard of nation X”, or even “I heard this on the docks of Sarvos, being sung by sailors from a far land…”


XD once you hear the “from a far land” excuse you know your gonna hear some Bee Gees

If you can do it well… I suspect that Massecheutts (no, can’t spell it) would be ripe for a filk…

The trouble is that there’s a fine line between a good filk that makes people grin when they recognise the origin, and a bad one that just makes people wince. I recall sitting through a Tom Jones impersonater at Odyssey Larp singing “Why, why, why, Aegptus?” The forst verse was good, the next 4 had my teeth on edge.

…I’ve got a couple of versions of “Now the Carnival is over” by the Seekers, which makes a good Dawnish song or two…

But I don’t know if they’re good, and am the last person to judge them impartially…


As @Geoffrey_Willoughby says, it’s okay to sing songs that aren’t necessarily in your brief, but a good idea to know where you got them from! If you’re going to claim IC that you’ve written it however, it’s best to keep it in brief.

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Thank you @Geoffrey_Willoughby and @Triska, I think that is a very good suggestion so far I’ve sung one song I haven’t written (the wild rover), and claimed I heard it on the road, and one song I did write (butchered it in the league but still won a courage prize). I have written two more pieces, one of for me to sing and there should be another one on the way so I will make sure to think carefully about them before singing them.