Musical Symbols

Are there any symbols associated with music in the Empire?

As in crotchets and quavers or do you mean something that represents the idea of music like the fake runes that are used to represent each realm?

If you mean the former then I believe they are the same. If you mean the latter then not that I know of, however music can be used to represent magic stuff

I am looking for something specific to Empire. I was hoping that one of the runes might have a musical connection or theme but i cant find anything. :frowning:

May I ask what it is for? Maybe there is some way of coming up with your own symbol and then spreading it about so it becomes official. People usually use regular runes and if there isn’t something exactly for what they want then they use something similar. I don’t know much about runes so I couldn’t suggest something.

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I’m not aware of runes to represent music in anyway, sorry.

Music of the Spheres - a way of conducting musical rituals - is about the closest I can think of but isn’t quite what you mean.

The bard sodality, the Three Refrains used a rune as their symbol, I think. See if you can find them on the wiki (I’m on my phone at the moment, sorry).


The Three refrains use a trefoil design of the rune Sular, the rune of Discovery as their symbol, though I admit its not one I see a lot of on the field.

In general there is no one symbol for music, a number of options would be open to you that might include:

  • Feresh, the Rune of Majesty, also called the rune of Beauty
  • Zorech,the rune of Passion and Emotion.
  • Any bird as a reference to the Eternal Lashonar who likes to talk and sing as much as she can.

What about the eternal who’s name is Sung?

Sung’s focus is on mysteries, riddles and enigmas. There’s some issues with their name but music isn’t there main focus.

Thinking on it Ylenrith is another Eternal that expresses itself through music.

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I have a small box for keeping musical items in, like pitch pipes, picks etc. I want to decorate it with a musical and empire theme. I think I’m going to put a treble clef on the lid and some thorns around the side (My characters is from Navarr). I do like the idea of inventing a symbol, I’d love to create something that could live on in the game world after my character has died. I shall give it some thought.

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The sigil for the Empire is the horse, you could with some creative flare instead of having a generic treble clef incorporate a horse into it. Do a google search and you will see what I mean.

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