Musicians at Empire

Hey, so I’m a music degree student and I was wondering how you get involved in any music things at the events. Are there any groups to join? I’m going to be joining Navarr and would really like to get involved in the music side of roleplaying. Thanks :slight_smile:


Here’s an event happening soon. There should be LOTS of people there to talk about Empire music, especially in Navarr. Gabrielle Joanne and Sam Wheatley in particular, and there’s a Navarr music group.

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Thanks so much man! :smiley:

Search the wiki for Empire music! Each nation has a musical brief which will give you a set of core songs, from which you can springboard into new things.

I did a music degree too (although many years ago now!) and I loved the new challenge of performing in specific styles, and of finding ways to get others to interact with me while I was singing and playing. I also discovered that I have an alto vocal range I never knew I had, and that singing is one of the best ways to bond with like minded folks.


Thanks so much! A quick question, is the music all arranged and coordinated or is it more spontaneous? I’m glad singing is a good way to get involves, my voice is my main instrument! Mezzo Sop here :smiley: I also have a wooden recorder which I thought would be more IC than my clarinet haha. Do I need to organise music groups or can i just learn some of the main melodies/harmonies and join in whenever. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Both and more!

You’ll find formal concerts, often for fundraising purposes, Navarr Songs and Stories each evening which is basically bring and share campfire songs, all welcome, plus plenty of spontaneous battlefield anthems (learning the Imperial Anthem is good) as people go to battle. Some people sing their magical rituals, and it’s quite common to find a bard, troubadour, or chorister singing on a corner somewhere during the day, and many different musical traditions round various group fires late into the night. Turning up ready to sing in most cases will get you a seat almost anywhere!

It’s worth learning some of your nations repertoire, as you are more likely to find others to join in with you at first. After that anything you like the sound of is fine, you can just say you heard it in a pub on the way to Anvil!

If you are bringing in your own stuff or filking something just watch out for gender assumptions - Empire is gender blind, so saying “the lads are off to fight” needs to be swapped out etc, and it’s just as fair for the person pining at home to be male, or same sex as the person they are pining after! If you do bring new stuff be prepared to be asked for the words, which if you can make up a booklet can be quite a good money spinner!


Several people have mentioned Songs and Stories, so you may well find that meets all your needs, but there are other options too. There are musicians in every nation and a lot of them do their own things, or collaborate - what you’ll often find is that if you turn up to an event and play, other people will often tend to recruit you into projects.

Sadly the timeslot clashes with S&S, but we run a dancing club ‘after hours’ in the Senate building, practicing ballroom and latin dances with an in-character gloss. For that we have some musicians who play for us regularly, but always welcome more.

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I have a metal clarinet which I used when I played in Varushka, the Eastern European folk sound went really well with the music brief. I don’t use it in Highguard now though.

I’d say that while there are organised things, most music is spontaneous, and mostly happens at night around fires. Each fire will gave a different feel; some like a song or two and then chat for a bit, others are mostly songs, some don’t have any. Having a few songs that you can do yourself, and joining in with others’ choruses is a great way to start.

In the main, if you sing, people will want to join in, with a highly variable quality. I love it, it’s what I come to events for, but it’s not a concert feel.

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God right, so when I return I’ll be returning as a new character/old d&d character who’s a bard/chronicler. I go around gathering stories and news and turning them into song. I also take requests or ideas for new ones. It’ll be my first time performing for a crowd so ahhhh but I was looking for other singers/musicians to collaborate with occasionally. I have a lot of songs that require one or more extra singers. Or someone with a higher pitch than my own. Hopefully we can meet and exchange songs and tales over a drink. I’m also fond of making humorous alliterative poetry and Flyting. Hopefully with AC Valhalla using it, more people will know what I’m talking about as it’s great fun

I hadn’t heard of flyting. Seems fun… difficult, but impressive! Flyting - Wikipedia
I can definitely imagine it in the League, between bravos or between members of rival Theatre Troupes (who may also be bravos).

That’s close to what a Troubadour does in Dawn:
“A troubadour is a Dawnish priest who uses poetry, storytelling and song to recount the deeds of glorious heroes, both living and dead.”

Personally, my current character is able to sing, but he’s a professional violinist in a theatre troupe. Could play countermelodies etc. around your character’s singing, or lines in those songs you mentioned.