Must-See List

*So I’ve already asked this question on the Wintermark Facebook group, but the quantity and quality of responses there means I’m curious as to what everyone else would say :wink: - I appreciate it’s an entirely subjective “tell me what’s cool”. but my group have really enjoyed reading everyone’s suggestions *

We’re a group of screw-ups from a Podunk town in Kallavesa, and we’re off to Anvil for the first time. What things would you recommend us terrible tourists don’t leave Anvil without seeing?

I believe that a old Declaration of Concord in the Conclave forces me to say “Eat at Tykes”. :wink:

On a more serious note:

  • I would suggest that you go to the Civil Service Hub - read the information boards and chat to the CS chaps who keep the work of the Empire moving. All of Anvil will turn up here from time to time.
  • Go into the viewing Gallery of the Senate Building when either the Senate or the Military Council are meeting. The future of the Empire is decided in this place, by these people. There can be no greater incentive to run for public office than the desperate need not to have “that person” representing you in future. :wink:
  • Visit the Hospital of Anvil after a battle or Skirmish returns… to see the reality of War and the spirit of the Empire coming together to help the wounded.
  • Stop by the Academy to watch the young citizens learn their place in the world… for the future glory of the Empire.
  • If you are magicians, drop by the Hall of Worlds to see the wonders of the realms… or an empty space if nothing is happening. Or a large horde of spider-heralds if too much is happening.

See if you can get an experience of each nation’s culture. :slight_smile:

You can get some of this from going around the different national camps and seeing what people might be selling or advertising (some places sell food, some sell things to read like IC newspapers, some sell services like fortune-telling, some do bigger things like plays). If you’re looking for an excuse to visit lots of nations and a pub would be a good excuse, I think all or almost all of them have at least one IC bar, and many have more. :slight_smile:

Also the noticeboards in the Hub tent (it’s huge, circular and stripey and will probably be signposted) may have more adverts for things, and entertaining IC propaganda.

There are also some organised national things at any event - the one that springs to mind for this event is the Marches summer fete.

Vaan’s suggestion to go watch the Senate for a bit is a good one although it might be either empty or full-but-boring (luck of the draw, really). It might be worth watching someone do a ritual at the Regio (big set of ritual stones in the north field, makes people’s rituals easier to cast so often gets used for that) - as with the Senate, it might be empty or in-use-but-boring, but often rituals can be quite fun to watch. Especially when they’re done as plays or something like that. :smiley:

Finally, I think you could do pretty well visiting camps and mentioning IC that you were new to Anvil and asking if there was anything that’d be happening later in their camp you could watch - that’s an opportunity for other people to go “ooh let me tell you about the cool things we are doing” and I think they’d most likely be happy to tell you. :slight_smile:

Talk to everyone you can. ‘What’s going on?’ and ‘Can I help?’ are good to start with, and should be said as often as possible. Last event my character made a lot of new friends with ‘What should I do with a big pile of your nation’s dead people?’, and previously ‘Do you believe in mammoths?’, so pretty much anything will work.