++Must Try Harder++



++Must Try Harder++
We’ve added a new ability - Appraisal - to the powers of the Imperial Senate. We actually sort of did one of these last event - but somehow it never made it to the wiki. That oversight is now resolved.

You can read about the new ability here -> http://bit.ly/Appraisal_Power

In crude OOC terms the new power is “Create Plot!”. It instructs the plot team to create a wind of fortune - complete with accompanying opportunity - focused on whatever problem is described in the Senate motion.

So if you ever wanted a way to see what it would cost for the Empire to upgrade the Heliopticon network in Urizen, or protect the city of Mead against any attacker, or perhaps to pirate the Grendel trading fleet, then this tool is just for you.

Appraisal is part of a set of tools we’ve added over the last few years that are designed to give players levers to direct the focus of the campaign. We strive to make Empire a game that is all about the decisions made by player-characters in game. But as Empire gets more stable - and as we get better at running it - we trying to add new elements to the game that give players more ways to make things happen in the world.

There’s some notes about the OOC Design goal of the new power on the page, and also some details on the Rules Update page here -> http://bit.ly/Appraisal_Update including the all-important IC explanation.

The picture is Vikiy Myers, one of our industrious civil servants, hard at work recording Synod votes by the looks. It was taken by the talented Beth Dooner at E4 last year.