My Character

Hi all!

New player, coming to the first event in the new year. Bringing the gang with me (Or more accurately they’re dragging me along).

Just wanted to pitch a character idea at you guys and gals before I go buying all the equipment.

Chrugeon, Physick, Ambidextrous, hero, stay with me. Plan to fight as a small medic squad, my team mates holding some space while I pick up the wounded. Also are stretchers allowed for small leather clad warriors who need off the battlefield treating?

Want to buy:
Medic shoulder banner
Sword and dagger
Phys res for all mediccy things
Light leather armour

Ta :slight_smile:

Hi I like the idea, but I don’t know about the stretcher thing… just along the lines of Manual Handling to carry someone in armour and the terrain you’d cover.

As for the shoulder Banner, the rune used is ‘blood’ Rhvy, you can easily download the sheet from the Wiki and with a bit of fabric make your own.
Swords and general weaponry, I suggest brining cash with you and buying on the field. you can try as many as you want and really get a feel for weight and balance.
Phys-reps for the herbs are quite easy, any root herbs use roots, leaves for leaves etc. Cerulean Mazzerine must be blue. I think a lot of people have blue liquid in a vial. You can buy leather pouches with pockets and vials on pretty much any LARP kit site. As for Chrugeon tools, you can either buy LARP safe kits or, a lot of people use plastic clay tools painted to be silver or wooden handle with silver ‘tool’ part. a roll up pouch for them is easily made with basic sewing skills.

Leather Armour - look at the online shops and see what you like. Keep in mind your nations style as well I don’t think there are many Navaar for example with shining metal plate, but chain and leather can fit in most nations and other systems.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Genuinely super useful. Really like the clay tools idea. This community is the bomb.

While the shoulder banner idea is cool, it could pose a safety risk if you get brought down in combat as you might not be aware of who is behind you when you drop to the floor.

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I belive shoulder banners are banned. Also I would like to highlight how hard it is to fight with 2 weapons.
I play a battlefield physik and you concept is sound. Go talk to the Hospital for some good contacts. What nation are you thinking?

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Ok so no shoulder banner, I’ll put the emblem on a shoulder pauldron or some such. I understand fighting with two weapons is hard, considering fighting with a buckler and sword. And getting thrown instead. I was thinking of going Dawn!

I’m a combat physician, I tend to just fight with one sword or a crossbow. If you have two things in your hands they can get in the way or take up time. Just my opinion on it though, some go for shields.

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I don’t think they are explicitly banned, but they are not appropriate physreps for a magical standard as those are meant to disadvantage the wielder by using up a hand. I’d recommend emailing PD to clarify if a mundane shoulder banner that isn’t being used as the physrep for a magical standard is allowed or not (and let us know what answer you get :grinning:).

Ah, that is very fair.

@ThornB You could drape the flag over your shoulder like a cloak?

I fight with halberd and great sword (in heavy armour so YMMV) and find having one thing to carry a god send, but having a nice big hitting stick invaluable.
Bucklers are great. May I suggest a throng of leather to hang from your belt? Believe there is a thread about other peoples physik tools around here.

+1 for Bucklers, partly as you don’t need to spend any XP to use them. So using one of them and a sword is free :slight_smile:

If you’re up for fighting with a banner in one hand and a sword in the other then you might want to ask around after who makes Magical Standards in play. They’re a little expensive but very cool,

That looks pretty good as a combat medic build. Stay With Me is great. You may want to pick a Herb Garden as a personal resource, for using those on the field.

You can have some fun using Stay With Me + a dose of True Vervain, to get people on their feet and healed at speed :slight_smile:

I’d advise against a stretcher. It looks good, but you won’t get that much use from it, and it’s a bit of a safety hazard.

Oh, and that thread re healing phys reps: