Name of a kit Shop at anvil + Second hand armour suggestions


I acquired some kit from a stall at anvil along the street where all the traders are and I’ve forgotten the name of the stall/ shop. It situated by the main road opposite (from what I remember) Gems. I’m happy with the kit and was wondering if they have an online store as I’d like to build my kit up more during this long dark.

Also anyone know good places to get cheap second hand armour, was wondering if there is dedicated websites rather than trading with whoever’s clearing out their garage.

Any help would be appreciated,

If you remember which event you got it at, there’ll likely be a list of traders or a map of their layout to help jog your memory… Or you could just look at the list of their usual traders to see if anything jumps out.

Can’t help re the 2nd hand armour though…

Is it Chows Emporium? As I know they sell second hand gear.

Failing that the UK LARP KIT FB group has the most regular appearances of second hand armour that I know about.

I believe Having a Larp has been opposite Gems for the past two events, on the opposite corner.

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It could be worth keeping an eye on eBay. There’s a LARP section/category (or used to be; it’s a while since I looked).