Nation Accents


I was just listening to DaveWinpenny’s Larp Noobs podcast and they mentioned that a lot of the Marches have west country accents.

It got me wondering; is there a regional accent associated with the Navarr?


On the wiki, the inspiration for the names are Celtic and welsh so probably Irish, Scottish and welsh would be good accents. However, you can use your own accent. If you really wanted to, you could go for a completely different accent to all of these, if you feel it fits your character a bit better.


I am welsh, but don’t really have much of an accent. Do lots of people have a different voice/accent for their characters?


I try to have an accent. It starts off fairly well but by the end of the weekend, it’s gone. Lots of people don’t change their voice. You may find people dressed in exotic silks and beads and jewellery that speak of sunny Spain and its days as an empire and yet have their northern English accent. Don’t feel pressured into doing a voice if you feel you can’t keep it up and it will make things harder for you, especially as it is your first time.


Some people use an accent as something to hang the character on. I’ve met Leaguers with slight Italian accents, Brass Coasters with Spanish accents, Asaveans with strong Spanish accents (played by Spanish LARPers), and of course, there’s the Varushkans with the bad (or good) Russian accents, the Somerset Marchers…

Urizen tend to speak quite precisely, maybe a little roboticly, and calmly.

Dawn tend to be elequoent and loud, enunciating clearly with No Indoor Voice!

In some LARPs I’ve played, I’ve used and encountered accents. In others I have not.

It’s really up to you…

…but a word of warning…

…those accents are damn contagious. An hour of friendly chat and you could be infected for the whole weekend…


I find it slightly amusing when you speak to some of the Varushkans and you effectively get ‘Yea, mans was decking bare ork, anyway, gotta go, Do svidaniya tovarishch’


Agnieszka does not know vat you mean. She speaks just like you, da? Except you pronounce some of your words wrong.

Accents are entirely optional. You do not need to put on an accent to play in any nation.

If I had to pick one accent to associate with Navarr it would be Welsh, which is one of the languages used long before the formation of the Empire ( The Navarr are the nation most strongly associates with Terunael and the pre-Empire as they were here long before the Highguard sailed over and declared themselves in charge.


You don’t need to have an accent at all, which is obviously why I ended up with an alleged Scottish one for my new Highborn. Because the Silver Skulls are mainly actual Scottish people we’re calling it a coastal Necropolis accent :).


The pitfall is if you try and do a strong accent and mess it up, you can easily sound like a piss-take or just fail to find a consistent voice for the PC. Whereas if you pick a couple of features of an accent, or a pattern of speech that isn’t your natural one, it’s a great way to distinguish between “me” and “My PC”. Pick something you can stick with, and simple is usually best.

Even if it’s just “I’m going to spend a weekend blunting my natural accent a bit” which is where I start out with on my Marcher. Then I slow down, extend my sssssses and sound a bit breathier, because naga. Then I spend the next bloody week trying to stop hissing :wink: .

So I’m probably not going to try for a convincing Finnish accent if I ever play a Kallavesi, but I might try putting more stress on the first syllable of words. I’m more a fan of using character archetype voices for PCs. So I mentally associate Navarr with voices like “Computer RPG Inkeeper”, “Zombie movie protagonist”, “Solid Snake” etc.