Nation Actual Populations

Hallo, I was just wondering about the actual populations of each nation at Empire? That is, the rough number of players that align to a specific nation rather than the lore about that nation’s population. I was looking at the camp plan and I noticed some nations like the Marches had less space than others like the Brass Coast or Dawn, and I was wondering if there’s a large difference in player population between nations which might explain this. Thanks for the help XD

I believe that the Force Weight on this page is calculated from booked characters.

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Thanks. If that’s something to go by, it looks like Wintermark will be the biggest this year

The force weightings pretty much match the proportions of player numbers, but it does factor in battle turn-out rate - hence the Imperial Orcs’ weighting is 2-3 times higher than it would be just on numbers.

Wintermark have always been, and probably always will be, the biggest in player numbers by a wide margin.


So are these numbers only showing data for players that go into battle?

Yeah, but as I said, they’re only significantly different from the proportions of the player base for the Orcs, as almost all of them go to battle.

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Oh ok, thanks.

If you felt like it, you could always go bother some people in the senate and see if they want an imperial census-taker.

PD must know the rough number of bookings by nation, but they have decided not to publish them, so there’s probably a good reason for that.


Maybe it’s because they don’t want peeps joining the most populous nation simply because it’s the most popular? It looks like hardly anybody seems to want to join the good old Freeborn anyways : ( what have those How to Train Your Dragon Vikings in Wintermark got over us free-market wannabes XD

Easy costuming, simple naming convention (Wulfric) and something about a YouTube channel. I feel the same being in the League; what do we need to do to get more players?


In the Brass Coast there is only one answer… more references to America! Our next Senator should make the Freeborn Great Again XD. New players would be so excited about the meme potential that they’d join in droves

I really hope you’re being sarcastic…

The nations are closer in size than those numbers suggest. Because, as noted, different proportions go to battle. A few years back, Dan and the Brass Coast had the same number of players, and Dawn had 3 times the force wieght. Because 30% of the BC took the battlefield, compared to 80% of Dawn.

As I recall, the nation sizes from largest down:
Wintermark (about 300)
Navarr (250)
Dawn (200)
Highguard (180)
Marches (150)
Varushka (120)
Brass Coast (120)
League (80)
Urizen (60)
Imperial Orcs (50)

This is a conservative estimate, as that only comes to 1500 players, and we’re likely to top 2000 this event :slight_smile: But I think the approximate proportions are there.


Based on numbers I have from last event, which might be a little skewed:

  • Wintermark easily topped 400 and might have been 500
  • Navarr is over 300
  • Dawn is about 250
  • Highguard is over 200
  • Marches are about 200
  • League is almost as big as the Marches
  • Brass Coast is a little behind, but over 150
  • Varushka is about 150
  • Urizen is over 100
  • The Imperial Orcs are nearing 100 now

Plus the popularity of Norse/Viking/Saxon aesthetic (q.v. Game of Thrones, Skyrim, Rohan).

I think there’s a certain snowball effect as well - new LARPers try Empire and join Wintermark. They really enjoy it, so they get their friends involved. Their friends, naturally, join Wintermark as well - and so it goes on.

Short of a series of videos showing off the League, I think your best bet is to attract people to move nations or roll into the League after character death - and the best way to do that is to make the League as awesome an experience as possible. Play up its brief to the max!

The Brass Coast struggles a bit with numbers as its kit is fairly unique and has very little crossover with other LARP systems. It’s much easier to get a set of hose that could work in the Marches, Varushka, Dawn, Wintermark or Navarr than it is to get a good set of harem pants.


Matt P answered this question on facebook with the E1 2019 numbers. I dont have a link for the post, but I did take the numbers down:

Imperial Orcs: 92
Urizen: 124
Varushka: 159
Brass Coast: 177
League: 200
Marches: 205
Highguard: 232
Dawn: 269
Navarr: 372
Wintermark: 520


That’s a lot of Wintermark. I mean, we knew they were the most populous nation, but… wow!

Maybe the League, the Brass Coast and Urizen should team up for recruitment purposes? If Wintermark are partly so popular due to their easily transferable clothing to other nations like Navarr and the Marches, then surely the same applies to the bright colours of League Freeborn and Urizeni players? A bright costume from a freeborn Corsair could relatively easily be converted to that of a League merchant prince. Even Urizeni’s blue robes could become League or Freeborn. Not all Brass Coast costumes are red and yellow after all, many are also green and blue. All of those nations have costumes that emphasise bright colours.

The problem is that the cut is very different. There are certainly things you could take from urizen to the freeborn or vice versa but they’re very very different. Wintermark’s transferability is somewhat to Varushka and Navarr (less so marches honestly) and more that it is fairly generic in terms of other larps and reenactments.

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To get more players in the League? Offer jobs with uniform doublets. The League looks amazing, but as my first character I felt I wouldn’t remember enough about the world (and I wasn’t looking to get involved in the politics, she says, and immediately got involved in the politics because of that Highguard-trod vote) so I went with Navarr and Merrow because I grew up with forests, swamps, coasts and sailing (NZ). I think it helped me to learn. But if you offer a simple starting option, you’ll get more takers.

Part of the issue is obviously pop culture. I would be shocked if The Witcher on Netflix doesn’t lead to some sort of growth in Varushka. Maybe it needs a nudge, but leaning into the monsters / hunters thing could really be a draw in the same way that the AGoT / LotR / Vikings angle helps Wintermark.

The Wiki has a little of this. The trouble is that certain nations have much better and fresher pop-culture parallels. The League has… a 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet as one of its listed major influences. I have never seen The Borgias or Ever After, but I have definitely watched LotR multiple times and AGoT was a massive thing.

Wintermark has some YouTubers, Navarr has some podcasters… Maybe I need a Twitch channel (how many times can you play the Ezio Assassin’s Creed trilogy before it gets boring?) for The League… Show how easy the costumes can be, tell some stories.


Don’t forget Medici, that’s a bit more recent and pretty good.