Nation Actual Populations

Force weighting is a guide for the MC to balance the ‘expected’ attendees of the two major battles. There is another post about this mechanism somewhere on the forum i believe.
Its not super accurate and PD have to add a thumb in the air. Some nations that are smaller have a higher percentage of people that want to fight. Also the camp size is based on who in the player base is camping IC, so not an accurate method of sizing nations.
An Anvil census might be fun on the Friday…big job though.

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Big job, lots of game…

Think of the data you could gather at the same time. Knowledge is power, so think about what you could do with information like where the bourse-resources are concentrated.

I’ve always fancied playing a census taker from Highguard asking questions and being treated with intense suspicion by the majority of the field, specially when they ask about Lineage :slight_smile:.


I’ve heard it said that Wintermark is the 5th largest lrp in the uk. Not sure how true that is, nor whether that includes multisite connected campaigns (like camarilla uk used to be before it imploded)

3rd, and definitely bigger than the Cam was in the UK.

Shortly after you wrote this, at E3, the Freeborn experienced a population explosion of an extra twenty tents, and we had to overflow into the other field due to said population explosion.

As the others suggested, if you want to get someone to join a nation, make some videos of the costume in motion, and maybe a little bit of IC-behaviours. Seeing as E2 this year is cancelled, and there’s the allowance for a little bit of video IC role play during what ought to have been E2, there’s your opportunity to show your nation’s Pride and Prosperity and why it’s the best nation to be a member.

I think Wintermark is at about the 500 mark of players in the field at a given event. Dunno how that compares to the UK

If you take the Force Weights that PD lists for conjunctions and multiply times 10, I think that’s pretty much the number of combatants they’re expecting to attend the event from each nation. You’d have to estimate the number of characters not taking the field. From my experience, this is around 10-15% of the game and some nations have more non-combatants than others, such as those simply uninterested in battles, those tending to children, those with mobility issues or injuries, or those who are still asleep/ extremely hungover.