Nation Festivals

So with three “death” celebrations this summit, I was wondering when all the festivals are for all the nations. There was a topic about this back in 2013/14, but things have changed somewhat since then, so I thought I’d start afresh. List yours below and I’ll edit this list to reflect (I’ve tried to include as many as I know, though I may be wrong!).

Highguard - Day of the Dead
League - Masquerade of the Reaper
Urizen - Light Festival
Varushka - Feast of the Loom

Dawn - The Night of Flowers; The Festival of Richilde
Imperial Orcs - Night of Worth
Navarr - Welcoming
Urizen - Flower Festival
Varushka - Zoria (which isn’t on the Wiki)

Dawn - Champions of Virtue competition
Highguard - Garden Party (unofficial)
League - Market of Mirrors

Brass Coast - Feast of the Broken Wheel
Marches - Wassail
Urizen - Rememberance
Varushka - Winter Market

PD - could we possibly get a “Festivals” page added on the Wiki, that lists the summit and the festival for each nation like above, for quick reference?


For Dawn

E2 - The Night of Flowers,
E2 - The Festival of Richilde

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Two in one summit? Crikey, that must be busy!

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E3- “Market of Mirrors” for the league. Is the other League festival. (Made up due to the winter festival being a wash out/too cold/too muddy ect for proper activity’s that involve being away from the fire)

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E1: Light Festival
E2: Flower Festival
E4: Rememberance

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Brilliant - always wanted to see this info, never found it (in an easy format) on the wiki. Thanks :slight_smile:


Exactly why I wanted to collate it - the festivals are spread out over culture/custom pages, religion pages, etc. and it was hard to track them all down! Glad to be helpful :slight_smile:

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Thinking about it Andy Raff did a series of Blog posts of these a while back (Won’t have all of them, but you can find many of them by searching on the forums) here are a small smaple

Night of Flowers
Day of the Dead

Masquerade of the Reaper

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It’s not official, but at the Summer Solstice Highguard have their Garden Party; a day of food, games and socialising.

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For Dawn
My House (Du Soleil) hosts the ‘Setting of the Sun’ celebration at E4 each year to celebrate rather than mourn those who have fallen that year


You mean ‘obtained peak glory’ don’t you? A Dawnish warrior seems to pine for a glorious charge made immensely more glorious by their glorious decision to make it gloriously fatal.

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True, but sadly not all deaths are the result of glorious charges (especially when fighting the Druj

It’s hosted by your House, so is that an “unofficial” festival?

Yes, it is NOT a nation festival, but is held in and around the Glory Sq in Dawn, only been going 2 years