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I have some friends who want to go into different nations but realised that people in the nation can have different perspectives on it to an outsider looking in so I was hopeing if people could post there summery of there nation

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Well, obviously, anyone’s summary is no substitute for the brief on the wiki, but here’s my basic rundown of the two nations I’ve been a part of:

Varushka - We come from the scariest, harshest places, and by wisdom and strength we know how to thrive there. Not only do the other nations of the Empire have no idea how ill-equipped they are to live in Varushka, their lack of experience means they need our firm guiding hand in all things. For those who follow the rules we are a place of warm community and strong support. Those who insist on foolishness will learn hard lessons. We are the things that monsters should fear.

The Marches - We basically carry the rest of the Empire on our back, but we can’t get too bothered by the fact nobody else behaves properly. We’re dedicated to our work, and we’re best at that, but we’re also the best at a drink and a song and dance. Your family basically extends just far enough to exclude whatever enemy is bothering you at the minute. Back home your neighbour one farm over might be Enemy Number One, but at Anvil we’re all one big happy Empire when there’s barbarians to fight - and who wouldn’t want to fight with a Marcher at their side?

(I happen to be of the opinion that Varushka and The Marches are basically the same words, just sung to different tunes)


mrDolphin - Your enthusiasm is great!
Best way to find out about the different cultures is to go visit them when on the field!
Once you are not rude, and genuinely interested, people will happily have a chat to you about their nation.

The scariest one tends to be the Orcs - IC because they are so different, but OC it can be hard to read expressions through the masks, but even then every single interaction I’ve had in the Orc camp was a positive one.

I COULD tell you what cool stuff the Navari are into… but being around the fire at Storytime is an amazing experience! Lots of atmosphere. Even I sang a little song! I can’t even sing AND am not from Navarr!


Highguard: We made the Empire. Our faith, the Way of Virtue, was adopted by each of the nations, from Urizen to far Wintermark, and by distant Sumaah. We guide the Empire, in Virtue and in faith, as elder siblings. Our Cataphracts defend them, and our Unconquered seek out the enemy before they can become a threat. Our Wayfarers and Inquistors ensure too, that there is no place the rot of heresy and corruption may hide.

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Urizen: We are Skill, we are Precision. We work to understand the universe. With small force in the right places we can change the world. What we study we seek to master, to reach our peak, the best that we can be in the skills we choose. Magic is our favoured tool but blade, word, herb or emotion are all tools that can be used to turn the world as you wish. We see the net that connects all people, that teaches us that even the smallest action can have ripples across the world.


Dawn They’re all about GLORY! Exactly what that might be will be different depending on who you speak to but it seems to be: Be the best you possibly can in whatever you chose to do. Dont bother to be humble about your achievements. Dont be afraid to fail. Be competitive even if you are only trying to be better than your last attempt. Dawn never “phone it in”
If making comparison to film and TV then i would say Dawn are 1950s technicolor medieval films thrown in a blender with a knights tale and the flashy production of pro wrestling.
While they are a very martial nation there is a wealth of non combat roleplay huge opportunities for romantic and tragic melodrama, flashy ritual magic and heat on the sleeve impassioned bombast in the senate, conclave and synod. If your thing is playing a support role then the brief has that covered in yeofolk (we all know they’re the real peope keeping the show running) For my money no other nation has the freedom to turn the costume game up to 11 and keep going there’s no such thing as too fancy or too opulent while at the same time a simple surcoat proudly showing your house coat of arms or the national sun on a blue background is just as good.


I actually think that the Five Things about each nation are excellent summaries. This is something PD does really well.

I’m in Urizen and the main thing less obvious from the wiki is that we’re quite a good community with common goals. Other nations I have been in (Dawn and Wintermark) felt a lot less coherent, and this has now changed for WM but were not facing any serious external threats or territory losses. Urizen having major issues on multiple fronts means there is never a dull moment and you always have reasons to talk to members of the nation.