National Festivals

There have been several National festivals but many I might have missed or are planned for next year. I thought it might be nice to have a central reference point on this thread.

League - Masquerade of the Reaper - details TBA Masked social event in the league camp.
Highguard - Day of the Dead - Sombre mourning festival.

Marches - Football - More carnage than the average battle, two teams, two goals, one hell of a match through the streets of Anvil.
Navaar - The Welcoming - Ceremonial hunt and festivities to resolve grudges.

Dawn - Champions of Virtue competition
Marches - Harvest Fete - Traditional fete where unmentionable things happen to a Tom-Boar-La and the pole dancing may disappoint my fellow league Bravo’s.

Marches - Wassail - Masked parade through the nations sharing produce.
Brass Coast - Festival of the Broken Wheel -

The Brass Coast did their festival of the Broken Wheel last event too.

We do football in Spring I think - not sure if it counts as a festival or not!

Dawn have the Champions of Virtue competitions in Summer - not quite a festival, but A Thing. Some discussion of starting a pseudo-valentine’s effort in Spring and calling it the Night of Roses - though our Egregore might hurt us :smiley:

Night of roses sounds great…I wonder if we could make it an inter-nation romance-off between dawn and the league?

Fixed that for you :smiling_imp:

Last Summer we Marchers had our fete - may become an annual event?

Highguard is having it’s annual Day of the Dead at the Spring Equinox

I thought they were aiming for the next event, which I believe is technically winter?

Yep day of the dead and some sort of new year celebration at the Winter Solstice, E5, which in real time is next spring. Yay confusion!

I think Event 1 did a fairly good job of convincing us we were at the Midwinter Solstice.

I see absolutely no way that this could go wrong or cause trouble. In short, we should do this :smiley:

Sounds great, If you can flesh out the concept a little I will happily promote it to the League. I am sort of seeing it like reverse theivery. Daring tales of leaving an romantic gift in places least expected, semi or tottally anonymous.

The Navarr have’The Welcoming’ in Spring

what is “The welcoming” ? I’ll add it to the list

So, Night of Roses is Ninja Valentine’s Day. I like it.

The welcoming is a festival to turn over a new leaf, leave grudges behind etc.

Main event is a ceremonial hunt where the Vates are the quary.

Usually other games going on as well, as well as a feast and revelry.

Last years spring game of foot the ball was not an annual festival, rather the settling of a dispute between two households of The Marches.

It may or may not happen again at this years spring equinox, depends on the level of arguing :wink: