National symbols

What is a small national symbols for each nation have managed to find a few of them but not all. For example, winter Mark has the three rings and the Imperial orcs the horse, however I’m struggling with the other nations could anyone give me some advice?

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Highguard has the basilisk and the bell. Dawn knights errant often wear the royal house of Dawn’s heraldry, which is a blazing sun, I imagine that’s close enough.

Stylized flames or ships would do for brass coast.

I asked something similar in Varushka a little while back and there was no real consensus. The closest we got was a patchwork made of the emblems of different Vales and Families.

There are banners for each nation in the senate. I think Urizen is the Phoenix but I’m not 100% certain.

Pop to the Senate next event - I believe there are ten banners hanging there one symbollising each Nation

Trying to find some pictures of them before the event because I’m doing a thing

Ah, found it. The Varushkan banner is this one. It references the two armies (the Northern Eagle and the Golden Axe). … rsSeat.jpg

Here’s a few I’ve managed to find.

Images thanks to Paul Wilder

And here’s a few guesses as to which one is which, can anyone confirm?

Two headed Eagle clutching axes = Varushka
Boarhead with wheat behind it = The Marches
Sun = Dawn
Tree over a small throne = Navarr
Three rings and swirls = Wintemark
Three red/orange/yellow pennants = ???
Round thing next to the Dawnish banner in the third picture = ???

The three pennants are comets = Brass Coast
Round thing I believe is a broken chain which = Imperial orcs

The Old Pig and Chips is there for the Marches.

Urizen has various symbols, but the one that hangs in the Senate is the traditional bird of paradise.

Thanks to Tom Garnett we’ve got a pictures of all the flags that hang in the senate. For reference none of these are absolutely canonical the flag of that nation and you will see all manner of flags on the field representing the nation and banners within it and PD encourage that rather than uniformity. But they should give you some ideas.

Imperial Orcs




The Brass Coast


The League