Nationality for this armor

I was looking through the “Look and Feel” section to find out what my kit should look like but I have my heart set on a piece of armor and don’t know what Nation it would suit best. Any thoughts? Edit: Forgot to add that I meant the green version specifically.
This is the link.

My first thought is Wintermark though I don’t think it would look out of place in Navarr or Highguard (specifically for the Unconquered.)

Probably Wintermark given the knotwork, although it could go for Navarr. A bit fancy for Dawn or Highguard.

I would have said that leather armour is worn by literally every nation, and the styling on that cuirass is not so extreme to make it stick out badly anywhere.
Wintermark might have the slight issue that the iconic style for them is to wear leather armour like this over the top of maille, and my memory from friends who have bought similar sets is that it is quite a snug fit, so doesn’t really want much underneath it. Good if you want to be a Wintermarker in medium armour though, perhaps a Suaq.

Navarr would definitely work well (probably best of all), or an Unconquered from Highguard. But honestly, you could wear it anywhere if the rest of your kit worked.


This style of armor could be made to work almost anywhere, but if you specifically want the green version it will most likely fit in best in Navarr, Dawn, or Wintermark. in Dawn however it will be a bit odd if green isn’t one of your house colours to wear armour specifically dyed green, and in Navarr you’ll want to fill out the look with other natural/forest tones. Whatever you settle on, I’d recommend asking other players in that nation how best to complement your armour of choice.

Also, while armour is one of the places where kit is a bit more leniant (armour is expensive so it sucks to die and discover the hard kit you shelled out for is no use to you any more), since you haven’t bought it yet consider if you’re absolutely set on this armour influencing which nation you pick.

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The Green is more appropriate for Navarr or Wintermark Steiner, I’d say but you could work it into Dawnish Yeofolk, Urizeni and possibly others with the right costume alongside it. Check the Look and Feel pages for each nation and they should list appropriate colours.

But the ultimate fix in most nations is to stick a tabard over it in one of the right colours for the nation,

As someone who plays in Highguard I would think the Brown or Black versions wouldn’t be out of place on one of the Unconquered the scouty, skirmishy counterparts to the folks in clank. But wack a black or white tabard with your chapter symbol on it over the Green one and you’re good.