Navarr Background

Firstly, I didn’t know whether to put here or on the Navarr Nation so sorry if its wrong.
I have also already read this thread: The joy of backgrounds

I am looking for tips on coming up with a background for my first character, a Navarr scout/healer from Miaren.

If I can message you further that would be a great bonus.

Did you do a tour of duty in one of the Navarr armies? This is how most citizens get their resource, as after you are done, you are assured a mine, farm, herb garden, etc.

Did you save the lives of many people in a near tragedy?

Have you guided a group of refugees away from a barbarian incursion into Imperial territory to save them from death or slavery?

I was thinking maybe my character didn’t have previous combat experience. So maybe as a medic in the military then.

Does anyone know territory specific things I could use?

The wiki page for Miaren has some cool things about major features and minor settlements in Miaren, as well as this bit:

In the early years of the Empire the Vallorn at Miaren was completely destroyed and at the heart of the forest the ruins of the city Seren reclaimed, to be slowly rebuilt. It is now considered the heartland of the Navarr nation, and a symbol of what can be achieved.

That’s probably worth bearing in mind - all the other Navarr territories still have Vallorn in, but the one in Miaren was completely destroyed and so unlike the other territories, the wildlife might not be as monstrously huge and the dangers in the area are likely to be more mundane and less shambling-greenery than in other Navarr territories. :slight_smile:

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That was partially my reason to choose it other than being the most likely place for a herb garden.

If I wanted my guy to have less combat experience it would make sense if he didn’t live near orcs or vallorn

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Then I’d suggest that you are a healer who hasn’t left Miaren much, if you were appended to an Imperial Army as a healer you’ll have been very close to a lot of horrible things, because armies go where the nasty things are (especially Navarr armies!)

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I’ll have to come up with a why I recently left Miaren for Anvil then

You havent left Miaren, more like taking a holiday from Miaren

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Anvil isn’t in Miaren though right? So I would have had to leave it

Anvil is in Casinea (a region of Highguard)

For map ideas, see this link:

Zoom in to see things more clearly

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Miaren isn’t in that map?

It is, you have to zoom in to see the detailed labels. the Miaren label is hard to see but it’s where the city of Seren is, basically right in the middle.