Navarr broker, resource?

Hi guys brand new to larp but have played many games tabletop and video and would like to start a character.

I have created oran Eaststrings, a navarr broker maybe thorn depending on people’s reactions.
I would like to know what skills and personal resource people would pick.

I have picked all combat skills as I would love to jump in to battle and stay in there as long as I can and for resource I was thinking herb garden as I’d get a vote but I can’t find anywhere the cost of materials so how much does each herb sell for etc.

Please can someone help?

Also hope to meet new people before winter solstice and hopefully be able to attend winter solstice.

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You can get a very rough idea from comparing the amount of money a business/farm gives you to the herbs you get. But there isn’t a definitive answer because the price is set in the field and is a part of the trading game for people.

Herb Garden is the stereotype for Navarr, but you also might get some mileage out of a Forest or Mine of a particular kind, depending on demand.

The positive thing is that once you’ve turned up and done some talking to people it’s not hard for you as a starting character to swap your resources for something else for free. And even later it only costs 2 Crowns IC to swap to a new Rank 1 Resource.

Welcome to the game! Always glad to have more merchants.
Unfortunately, the answer to “how much is everything” is frustrating and unsatisfying, it depends what you can get it for. Empire is built on a foundation of economics, there are infinite things people want to/ need to do but a finite amount of herbs, mana and coin to do them with. There are no fixed prices, like real life its how much you can get away with. But thats what makes the trader game fun! Finding someone with too many herbs but needing coin, then turning them into potions, then finding someone in desperate need of potions for a sudden quest and gouging Prosperously!
Herb garden is a very solid resource, you’ll always be able to find a buyer. ROUGHLY speaking, true vervain is worth the least due to high supply, Cerulean Mazerine is highest due to low supply and high demand, and everything else is in the middle.


Hey I play Pod, So I’m one of Navarrs National brokers, basically if the nation needs something I’m going to be one of the available people to go and get it, I have a mana site for my resource but that’s purely because they’re a versatile resource that has a steady enough high price.

The big thing I would say about being a Navarr broker is to know that it is different from being a “Navarr trader”. A broker can be a trader and a trader can be a broker but the 2 aren’t required, I trade an amount but my main focus is on the larger economy of our nation and many brokers see it as their responsibility to work on behalf of others with Navarr being a communal people.

You don’t need any particular skills to be a broker and if you looked at all of our skills you would probably see a big variety, this is partially because of the inside joke with many brokers that no-one choses to be a broker you get told you are one by your brand, or striding mate… or in my case a senator.

Feel free to come ask any questions you have when you are on the field.


Thanks for the help guys I’ll give herbs a go I think just so I can see what voting is like and herbs help with healing and I’d like to help where I can :stuck_out_tongue:
I will definitely come and see people at the next event if they are happy with that.
Should I join the navarr group on Facebook?

A fleet, because you get to choose each season where to send it depending on what the trade goods available are worth.

Also, a fleet can be involved in rescues and battles which may bring in money and are fun.

General nation agnostic advice on backgrounds:

Mana site is usually the most profitable if you put the effort in to trade competitively

Fleet is the most flexible for trading and downtime actions, pick the right port/raid at the right time and win :smiley:

Business/Farm is great for simple money which is most straightforward to trade into something else.

All the other backgrounds you pick because you want that resource or ability specifically :slight_smile:

Obviously all nations will have modifiers to that and i dont know the Navarr trading situation well enough to give good advice there

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