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So originally for my first LRP event my character was with Wolfsbone, but with the death of Oveen and no others turning up from the steading it looks like I’ll be looking to join another steading. I have physick skills and my character has in toe a couple of young Navarri rebrobates… they are eager to also get involved and have game too, but as I am still super new to all of this, how/who do I approach about joining a new steading and getting involved with game?
I also want to learn more about the fleets. I have no idea who to speak to. I know everyone says read the wiki and I honestly have 20 times (ok more like 5 times) but I can just not learn or retain information by simply reading it so nothing is sticking in. Helps!

To find a new steading, your best bet is to advertise here, or indeed ask on your nations Facebook page.

To get involved with game… well… hunt around, be enthusiastic and known, and go looking for it.

As for fleets, there I can help :slight_smile:

You have a fleet as your personal resource. Between events, in downtime, you have the option of assigning it to do things. Trading, Privateering, or Other.

Trading goes to the international ports of other nations. You can see in advance what you’ll get, which is a mix of resources and cash. Politics, enchantments, etc may change these slightly.

Privateering has your ship sailing around raiding the Bay of Catazzar, attacking Grendel. Or anyone else you’d like to describe as your victims. This gets you 10 random resources in value (note that cash may also turn up, crystal mana is over priced and may stand in for 2 resources), and again, this is affected by politics and enchantments.

Other is the occasional special roleplaying bits that can turn up. Past ones have included supporting the Imperial Navy (alas, now sunk), evacuating a lost colony of Freeborn, and mapping the Bay of Catazzar. Doesn’t pay much, but great bragging rights and story.

Your fleet has a rank, starting at 1, and various things can raise this, and the productivity of whatever you do. For example, the enchantment “Lure of Distant Shores” raises your fleet level by 5 ranks for one downtime, as long as you go trading. You WILL have a glorious voyage of danger and excitement, whether you want to or not…

At the event, you’ll get the loot from your fleet actions in your character pack.

You are welcome to embellish, describe, and write fanfic about your sea voyages. :slight_smile:

Next questions?

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The Two feet Striding is always looking for more people (as are a dozen more i could mention) drop us a PM on here and well chat. if you don’t like us im sure i can point you in the direction of a group that’s right for you.


Wow this all looks super helpful. I am going to finish work in 15 mins and will read through it all again as I have just scanned it atm. Thank you lots!!! Sure I will have more questions.

I have noooooooooo idea how to PM on here lol Feel free to message me first and I will respond :slight_smile: or I am on the the Navarr FB page if you want to find me there and fling me a bottle on the waves lol

I would really recommend the Freyed striding as it has the Navarr fleet admiral in it… Great striding!


Heya, I don’t know if Ferrus ever got in touch with you again but I’m in the same group so feel free to reply to this and I can send you a pm if you like.

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Hey come over to the twisted tree bar and trading. Being a proud Navarr i always say its like herding slippery cats. best advise given to me about being Navarrie ‘find a bar sit in it and people come to you.’ It works i promise, & we are right next door to them gorgeous Two feet lot. xx

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Thanks guys, I can’t now attend E3 as I am working Norwich Pride, I am definitely going to be there at E4, there will be a couple more people in tow with me. Will get back to everyone over the weekend :grimacing: