Need Help for Finding a Nation


I’m a new player, and I’m having a lot of trouble deciding what nation would suit my character. As I can’t turn up without one and wander around all the camps until I find one that fits (my original idea), I need help. If I make a list of what my character needs to be comfortable in a group, would people be able to point me to a nation or nations that might fit? If so, thank you.

In no particular order:

  1. Honesty. No cons, no scamming, no cheating other people and thinking it is clever. Living in any nation that encourages that sort of thinking would make my character very unhappy, to the point that they would change nations.

  2. Compassion. My character thinks that the recent cursing of Mournwold is - no words are bad enough - and they would love to develop a version of Rivers Run Red that targets an individual player and their family, and then cast it on the Warmage who ordered that curse - for a year, not just a season. They honour Wintermark and The Brass Coast for their repudiation of the tactics of the Iron Helms, and look askance at the nations that support that sort of cruelty (Varushka and Urizen, from memory, there could be others).

  3. Community. You help your neighbours in their time of need, and they help you in turn. My character sees this as just a part of life, nothing special or to make a fuss about. As long as it’s not one person doing all the giving and another doing all the taking, it is all good.

  4. Battlefield Honour. My character likes the Grimnir’s Oath and the idea of letting both sides of a conflict tend to their wounded. They won’t be fighting, but being part of a nation with no honour on the battlefield would make them unhappy. They need to have pride in their nation, and they can’t be proud of people who fight without honour (although they have no issues with fighting dirty against someone who is fighting dirty against them).

  5. Practicality. There is no point dressing in fine clothes if there is no food to put on the table. Take care of the basics first (food, warmth, shelter, clothes) and then do the fancy stuff (if you want). They don’t really see the point of being picky and fancy about things e.g. food is food, it fills you up no matter how it is presented, the main things is to have food that is hot, tasty, and fills your plate; clothes keep you just as warm with patches as without them, and by patching you aren’t wasting all the time and effort that went into making the cloth and clothing, instead you are showing respect to that labour etc. You can look good and serve fancy food if you want, but there needs to be substance behind it (and throwing out things you can still use is just wasteful).

Those are the main points. Does anyone know of a nation that fits those points, or do all nations fit them in their own way, or is it a compromise (some but not all), or does something else apply? I’m looking for a home for my character. I haven’t even got to archetypes yet - it’s a lot of information on the wiki and it’s currently a big tangled jumble in my head.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. :heart:

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Hello there lavender,

First of all welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay.

(April will be my first event too so take everything I say with a pinch of salt

1- Brass Coast / The Freeborn are all about Honesty it’s one of the main parts of the culture and it is looked down upon to be dishonest in trade or just in general.

2- I’ll leave this for somebody else.

3- Brass Coast is very family oriented and are probably one of it not the most community oriented group in Empire.

4- From the tales I have heard, the Freeborn warriors (although the not the strongest in numbers) are some of the bravest out there, I don’t know as much about the honourable on the battlefield, again somebody else will have to help with that.

5- The Freeborn are a flamboyant group of people, we feel money should not be saved away and hidden for nobody to use, but should be put back into the economy to benefit not just the person who owns it (by getting goods) but the traders and workers who get paid so the money can go around.

Hopefully with my limited knowledge I’ve been of some help :slight_smile:

Good luck,

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Seconding Brass Coast


Hi Lavender, welcome to the forums and the game!

What you’re asking is a broad and complex set of questions, and I’m not sure there is one correct answer. But I think we can discuss it and help you find somewhere. I think the overall theme will be that there are several nations which are broadly suitable, and most nations are large enough for a range of personalities. Some fit a lot better than others.

Have you read the Imperial address In Virtue and Reason? That was written by the Empress (a player-character in the League), and talks about Raewynn Farkas (a player character in Navarr). This reads like a lot of what you were talking about, but League politics feels very cut-throat (figuratively) and Navarr have a kind of savage practicality about them which you might find offputting.

I think quite a lot of what you wrote reads as Marcher - the practicality and community in particular, and there is room for compassion and honesty.

My other thought is Brass Coast, they have Honesty as one of their national characteristics. I don’t know them well enough to judge the rest but I’d certainly suggest talking to them.


As a Freeborn player your point about honesty jumps straight out of the page at me: honesty is the core of our nature. We aren’t fair, particularly, but we are honest about who we are and what we do. We certainly win points over the League in that regard.

Compassion… well, we aren’t into charity, but we are encouraged to own our feelings and express them openly, and that includes anger and sympathy. You’d find a home in the Coast if you had an anti-Helms/Cruelty slant… although I’m getting a lot of game from being one of the few Freeborn who are pro-Helms/Cruelty and that’s true with any strongly held opinion. You can’t have any fun if everyone agrees.

Community: I think every nation holds itself dear, and the Coast are no exception. Family is our particular brand of community but everyone has some form of this.

Battlefield Honour: I think Wintermark is probably the only people who fight like this. Dawn might look like it from the outside but the majority of us have a ‘get the job done’ approach… although the split for support for the Iron Helms may give you an indication of how far we are prepared to go in pursuit of victory.

Practicality: Nah, you’ve got me here. Navarr is my instinctive choice for this. Freeborn aren’t practical, they want to enjoy life to the full, spend the coin you have today for tomorrow may never come.

I think you are right that most nations cover most points but you will probably have to compromise somewhere.


I like how every single thing you mentioned is the exact opposite of the league.
We’re cunning and not honest.
We don’t believe in charity.
It’s every person/guild for itself and we really only collaborate when it’s in our own interest.
The haudagens words are “Last in, first out, get payed.” And we’re famous for mercenaries
And we like fine things and nice clothes.

Might I suggest wintermark simply cause it’s on the opposite end of the field XD


I’m playing in Dawn, which is likely insufficiently practical or compassionate for your criteria.

The Marches seem like a good fit for you, as a reasonably honest and compassionate, very practical and community based nation.

Have you had a look at the various factions on the wiki?


Thank you everyone for your replies so far. They have all been tremendously helpful. So far I have flagged the Brass Coast, the Marches, and maybe Wintermark for further pondering/tearing out of hair, and the League as a definite No. Please keep replying; this is all exactly what I was after.

@Zephrin, thank you for helping me, from one newbie to another.

@Cakescoffer, seconding (and thirding) is always welcome.

@TheOneTrueGraham, I loved the thoughtfulness of your reply, and no, I haven’t read that address. I will go and do so right after this post.

@LauraH, thank you for the comprehensive reply, and I agree that some sort of compromise will probably have to happen (doesn’t it always)?

@Bozemoto, your last line made me laugh so hard. It’s certainly a point to consider.

@Geoffrey_Willoughby, I haven’t had a look at the various factions on the wiki. Nations, yes; factions, no. How do I find those?

Thank you again! You are all wonderful. :heart:


Can I put a post in for the Highborn?

Highguard is all about community, you choose your chapter group based on your commonly held beliefs, but Highguard do alot of things together, and there’s not much rivalry between chapters, we don’t cheat each other, and consider ourselves to be representing more than just ourselves when dealing with others.

As for compassion and battlefield honour we fight together, we don’t leave our own behind unless it’s for the greater good, and we pick up a fair number of others too. Your character’s opinion on the greater curses and boons will be listened to, and debated carefully with thought, and many opinions, and your eventual choice will be respected (as long as it’s not heretical!).

As far as practicality goes Highguard invest in good quality and therefore expect it to last, and choosing what to wear is easy, your chapter colours and neat and tidy black. Food warmth and shelter are provided by your chapter, with you helping your brothers and sisters to supply for all.

Hope that helps you with your choice, I’m sure you will be welcome where ever you end up.


Apologies, I built my LARP vocabulary* while playing a different game (LT), which featured factions and nations interchangably.

By “factions” I meant “nations”, sorry. Have a look through the nations, especially the cheerful hints on what each nation is and is not. :slight_smile:

*Larper is a sub-dialect of English, or possibly a patois. As an example of illegibility: “Grab yer phys-reps and we’ll bimble down to the mosh before the munchkins mueller the whole crew!”

“Grab hold of your (props for weaponry or similar) and we will (proceed in an unconcerned fashion) down to the (large fight currently in progress) before the (over-powered and highly competitive players) have (beaten to a yoghurt like paste, or possibly rice pudding) the entire (monster crew of dedicated opponents and volunteer assistants)!”


While we’re talking about compromise, let me show you the other side of the coin and make a case for Varushka:

  1. Honesty in Varushka is useful. Person to person, if you’re giving false information, that could lead to some poor soul dying from one of the many awful things out in the dark and the cold. Against Sovereigns, if you’re a volhov, yes, you’ll be very selective with what information you share and whether or not you make it up, and in general Varushkans can probably be fairly said to be not especially candid - but what we do say can be trusted. Usually.

  2. The Varushkan view of compassion probably can best be seen as a “help others to help themselves” mindest. I think some of us are a bit guilty of seeing the rest of the Empire as a younger, naive cousin who needs to be shown what’s safe to eat and that, yes, all fire will burn you. Life in the vales can be hard - there’s no sense making it any harder for people.

  3. In my experience, Varushka is all about community. I can’t overstate the sense of family I feel in the Varushkan camp.

  4. The problem with only fighting dirty against an enemy who fights dirty is you have to let them fight dirty first. We’d rather our soldiers die of old age than die an honourable death because they trusted barbarians to fight fair.

  5. Varushka has an interesting relationship with practicality, because while it is a difficult place to live and you need to be practical to survive, it’s also an abundant land in terms of material wealth, and we can afford to also look quietly flash while we do it, especially those of us who attend Anvil. Also our nice fancy clothes are guaranteed to also be warm and practical. I guess you could say Varushka is practicality but with wealth and standards - I think a Varushkan fallen on hard times might be a little ashamed or regretful to serve guests less than the best, where a Marcher might not. You could take this particular one a lot of ways in Varushka, really.

Obviously this is just one person’s opinion about Varushka, and I don’t necessarily think it’ll be a very good fit for you, but I thought I’d raise the points anyway for at least comparison’s sake.


More replies! I’m squeeing with delight. Thank you! :smiley:

@CharlieP, you can put in a post for whatever nation you want. :smiley: Thank you for pointing out how Highguard fits with what my character wants.

@Geoffrey_Willoughby, thank you for explaining LARP vocabulary. I have read the nation briefs, but unfortunately the words all get tangled up in my head and it makes it hard to make decisions. A thread like this, where I get individual responses about the nations, makes it so much easier for me. It’s just the way my mind works. I’d love to be able to carry the nation hints in my head, but it just does not happen. Hence why I need this thread and lots of opinions. :smiley:

@Knave, Thank you for the response about Varushka. I’m well aware that my character’s biases for or against nations from reading the wiki (or the small bit I remember of it anyway) may not reflect what actually happens in the field, so anyone making a case for any nation is welcome here.

I want to mention the Imperial orcs here. I thought they also sided against cruelty on the battlefield, like Wintermark and the Brass Coast, but I can’t find that again on the wiki. If they did, I am sorry for not including them in my initial post above - it wasn’t on purpose! I won’t be playing an Imperial Orc, as wearing a mask all day - even with breaks - is just not for me, but I do think they are one of the more fascinating nations, and I am so glad that they finally got land in Skarsind.

Thank you all for your wonderful replies, and please keep them coming. This is incredibly helpful - you have no idea how much. Thank you all again. :heart:


I think that what you’ve listed have places in many different nations, you could make cases for lots of different ones anyway as you’ve seen.

PD makes a game that thrives off of people having IC disagreements, being a member of a nation that takes cruel actions in war doesn’t mean that your character agrees 100% with that, you might have no opinion whatsoever or you might feel strongly that your National Assembly has voted the wrong way!

If these issues are big ones for your character maybe think about taking a priest archetype and playing in a nation who hold the opposite views, that could be good game?

I think others have covered most of what I would say otherwise, community can be found in all nations, empire goers are all friendly as hell!


I’d recommend Urizen all day long. We are many small communities that work together to make one big community when we need to. We do dress in fancy clothes but they are also practical and layered. We are one of the smallest nations but we strive for perfection with what (relatively) few players we have.

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The Freeborn might not have battlefield honour, but from my experience we’re one of the more honourable fighters just be default. We aren’t quiet, we don’t use fancy tactics, we charge people down- nice and Honest. And we’ve had a Synod motion passed to take prisoners instead of slaughtering when we can, which seems pretty honourable.


Dawn fits all of these in my opinion, with the exception of a few houses, i started last season and three of the four houses I talked too had all these qualities, dawn is more than happy to charge a group of enemy, we didn’t even know what nation they were from and we ran in to help, Find a house that suits you and may the virtues ever be in your favour.

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I think Navarr fits that best, although not perfectly:

  1. They aren’t always into honesty, but they take oaths more seriously than anyone else, so if you make an oath to be honest, obsessive honesty would be very on-brief I think. It does have the downside that when oaths are not involved, cheating is generally considered OK.

  2. Optional but pretty sure it isn’t off-brief

  3. Yes - their oaths are often about helping the community.

  4. While definitely not part of the brief, again, I don’t think it would be massively off-brief to do this.

  5. This is basically their kit brief.

I don’t think any nations will get you a perfect 5/5 match.

Another idea: Imperial Orcs. Very strong community, often good at battlefield honour, kit can be quite practical. I can’t remember if honesty is a thing or not, and while I don’t think compassion is a big theme, they are not Tolkein orcs and are absolutely capable of it, and several prominent orcs are very compassionate people.

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as you can see, we’re all eager to recruit you :slight_smile:

Bear in mind that whatever character you start with may not be quite to your liking, and you can choose to retire a character and start a new one at any time. Profound Decisions are perfectly used to new players (especially) doing so.

If you’ve booked for the event (I advise doing so tonight, prices rise tomorrow), then you could change the character you want to play up to pretty close to the event.

Although spare a thought for the games crew, who don’t want to be making up too many character welcome packs at the last minute…

If you are still undecided, you may wish to wait till the Winds of War come out… these are a series of vignettes about what happened in downtime.

Military campaigns and upsets, sudden shifts and random events, desperate missions and happy surprises… it could be that any of these grab your imagination and bring a character concept to life, causing you to nod and say “yeah, I want to be part of THAT flavour of awesome!”

To give an example, in the past year alone, we had:
Warring barbarian orcs requesting a surprise peace treaty…
Atrocities committed in pursuit of victory…
Desperate sea-borne rescues…
A sinkhole forming to the collapse of a town and the opening of a monster-haunted mine complex…
The same orcs backstabbing us and invading…
A religeous schism dividing the nations…
Daring high-speed marches across the map to turn the tide of battle…
An army marching through impassable toxic jungle on a path of screaming shadows and madness…

Actually, reading that it’s like we fit an entire epic fantasy quartet into every year… :grinning:

Anyway, book a ticket now, decide on a character later…


Generally all the nations have a sense of community.

Firstly it’s probably worth differentiating between brief and politics, having a dislike of cons and scamming in the leauge where they are very much part of the culture is different to being the Urizenii who stands up against cruelty. As mentioned actually having things you feel strongly about

Secondly when evaluating the opinions on Cruelty it’s worth looking at which Barbarians are bordering nations, Urizen and Dawn (and to a lesser extent Highguard) all both looking at the threat of the Druj, who routinely use cruelty and poison, and from your hedging in the battlefield honour that might be interesting RP ground.

So I’ll go through all the nations, just so one doesn’t get missed

Obvious ones
Wintermark: There are a lot of elements that play quite strongly into what you are looking for, as you have already noticed.

Marchers: Practical salt of the earth types, has a very literal idea of neighbors, often quite blunt. That being said their rejection of cruelty comes across as very self interested comparatively.

Brass Coast: Really strongly hit some of your valuers, honest compassionate. That being said they are definitely to the other end of the practical standpoint. As for battlefield honor, from my observation the freeborn are compassionate on the field rather than honorable, (they are very pro looting on the field and that is actually held up as one of the big empire brief conflicts on battlefield behaviour.

Imperial Orcs: So as a nation they are often very heavily driving home Orcs are people too, and have lines they don’t cross on the battlefield. Also very practical asthetic but you have to wear a mask

More Complex:
(These are nations which aren’t as strong, but aren’t inherently against your points, If you want actual conflict in nation which can be fun these are places you can do it and be on brief.)

Dawn: Practicality is more for the yeofolk, but is still on brief, Dawn doesn’t have a military code of honor but in practice the actions of knights trying to create a legend is quite close.

High guard: More Practical, but the unconquered means that Highguard do slip into the Guerilla war area.

Urizen: Instead of Practical Urizen are more academic, they are probably one of the most pro-cruelty nations at the moment (We will devastate them with our magical might.) And there battlefield ethos is more self improvement than code of practice. That being said it’s not baked into the culture in the way it is more Navarr or League.


League: As may be clear Leauge is not honest and isn’t practical, not interested in Charity.

Navarr: Are very practical, but compassion and honour just do not fit the nation at all on a brief level.

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I don’t think Navarr have no honour at all, their huge emphasis on oaths is a type of it although quite a specialist one.

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